5 Ridiculously Charming PVC Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 4th Oct 2018

Parthenon - Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles -236

For many people, one of the most overlooked aspects of home décor is the ceiling. Most folks will spend big bucks and an immense amount of time decorating and twitching every other aspect of the house but leave the ceiling as an afterthought or completely forget about it. The issue is severe enough that most people literally wait for the ceiling to fall off or start leaking before they can consider doing repairs or better yet installing a new and better ceiling altogether.

The reality is ceilings are a necessary but often overlooked part of the room. And it’s a pity especially because they are not only the fifth wall in the room but they are also quite instrumental in holding everything from the fan fixtures to light bulbs and giving the room that airy grandeur feel. And you no doubt want it to look just as radiant and elegant as the rest of the décor so that it blends in with the walls and curtains to give the house that warm yet royal elegance.

Out of all the ceiling tiles available, one flirts with the definition of gorgeous and functionality – the PVC ceiling tile. The PVC ceiling tile is a versatile décor element that fulfills the contoured needs of a do it yourselfer and completely alters the look and feel of a room to turn heads and stir emotions.

At decorativeceilingtiles.net, there are a variety of PVC ceiling tiles to choose from. From simple minimalistic tiles to luxurious tiles that transform a plain ceiling to an elegant work of art.



PVC Ceiling Tiles Reviewed

Rhine Valley Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

  • Rhine Valley – Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles – Drop In – 24″x24″ – #VC 02

  • Rhine Valley – Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles – Drop In – 24″x24″ – #VC 02

Perfect for achieving a dramatic look this Victorian style ceiling décor blends perfectly with a classic retro style décor with a bit of a masculine vibe. One of the many things we love about this look is that the tiles come in a variety of hues to make it easier to match the rest of your décor with the ceiling décor and the visually interesting arrangement that gives the house a chic yet elegant finish. Additionally, it has no metal echo like other tin looks and it is easy to install and is exceptionally lightweight all things considered. And all these for just $12.99.

Lilies and Swirls Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

  • Lillies and Swirls – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24″x24″ – #204

  • Lillies and Swirls – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24″x24″ – #204

If you are looking for a more simplistic look, the lilies and swirls ceiling tile is your best bet. Costing $12.99, this beautiful tile is the perfect blend of simple and fancy an aspect that makes it look great in any room regardless of the kind of décor installed. You will no doubt love this tile especially if you are a sucker for intricate floral designs that are just the right amount of smooth and abstract to amplify the room’s beauty.

Odysseus Shield FAD Hand Painted Ceiling Tile

The Odysseus Shield ceiling tile is a Mediterranean design ceiling tile that adds a stunning patina finish to the room. It has a sleek yet modern look with natural decoraids finishes that create an earthy yet warm feel. Apart from the fact that it comes in a variety of amazing hues, it is also affordable and quite easy to install which makes it a darling among the diyers. Plus there are endless possibilities to be as expressive and vast as you want.

Large Snowflake FAD Hand Painted Ceiling Tile

  • Large Snowflake – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24″x24″ – #206

  • Large Snowflake – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24″x24

Great for improving drop ceilings and adding a little color to the room, the large snowflake ceiling tile is an antique decoraid decorative element with a smooth patina finish. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is made from waterproof, mildew and stain resistant material that is not only easy to clean but also lasts for years and years. And the best part is that you can paint it to any color as long as you use water-based paint.

Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

  • Elizabethan Shield Faux Tin Ceiling Tile DCT04 Patina

  • Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

In terms of design, the Faux tin ceiling tile may not strike you as exceptional but it makes for a very decorative look in the room. Perfect for a more contemporary look, this beautiful ceiling décor will look fabulous whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or entertainment area. And as long as you complement it with some nice curtains, fine wall colors and well thought out pieces of furniture and decorative accents you will be able to transform any room into a masterpiece.

Wrapping It Up

Nothing says gorgeous more than well-done ceilings that compliment the rest of the house. Don’t you agree? So don’t hold back. Whether you are looking for a rustic vibe or a masculine vibe, a summer feel or a modern contemporary look, you can achieve any look you want with PVC ceiling tiles. And the best part! They come really cheap so you’ll be able to make your house look elegantly beautiful for less.

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