What Are the Current Trends in Crown Molding?

What Are the Current Trends in Crown Molding

With so many trends in crown molding, it can be hard to keep up. People experiment with different materials to achieve different styles in their homes or commercial space. In the past, one of the most popular crown molding trends was to use highly ornate and intricately detailed materials. While this approach added a touch of class at the time, it's now more commonly seen as outdated and overwhelming.

Right now, thin is considered the trendy crown molding. Thin crown molding doesn't overwhelm the space but still serves its function and its aesthetic. Its ability to transform a space and make the entire room feel sleeker is the primary reason it's become one of the more popular crown molding trends.

The elaborate trendy crown molding of yesteryear hasn't disappeared completely, though. Decorative crown molding is used to create geometric symmetry and intricate line-work around bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. When used in combination with the right light fixtures, you can highlight the crown molding and all of its wonderful detail.