Faux-Tin Backsplashes: Give Your Kitchen a Unique Look

Written by Milan Jara on 7th Sep 2011

As someone who has built many homes, I can attest to the fact that in most cases no room in the house gets as much attention from future owners and potential buyers as the kitchen — it’s often the first room they look for when entering the home and where they tend to gather when their tour through the house is complete. They often spend hours in design centers and showrooms agonizing over their cabinet, appliance, countertop, and flooring selections in hope of creating a room that not only reflects their sense of style, but also wows guests over for dinner or just for a quick visit.

So how can you give your kitchen a unique look — one that’s different from all the other homes in the neighborhood? There are a lot of beautiful kitchen cabinet finishes to choose from, but unless you plan on having custom units built, they probably aren’t going to look that much different from many of the others on your street. How about appliances — surely there are some choices that can make your kitchen stand out? If you plan on spending big bucks on a Sub-Zero refrigerator or Thermador range, that may do the trick, but hopefully you have a healthy remodeling budget.

Hammered Faux Gold Backsplash

One of the easiest methods for creating a kitchen accent that can cause guests to ooh and aah is also one of the least expensive — installing a beautiful backsplash with a different look. Many homeowners choose ceramic tile, marble, or even granite for the transition between their base and wall cabinets, but how often have you been in a kitchen that used Faux-Tin?

Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers Faux-Tin backsplash material in several designs that can be easily installed by any DIYer who can use scissors and glue. The material is available in rolls of various sizes so you can install it with a minimum of seams and is manufactured from easy to clean PVC so cooking spatters don’t have to be a concern.

Copper Backsplash Kitchen

The backsplash material looks great when combined with antique cabinet hardware, beveled glass wall cabinet doors, distressed cabinet finishes, or decorative ceiling tiles. Give your kitchen a unique look and stop your guests in their tracks with Faux-Tin backsplashes.

Being budget friendly and easy to install are important, but Faux-Tin backsplashes can also be used to complement the rest of your kitchen decors and even as a design transition into the adjoining rooms of your home.

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