Metal Backsplash Projects

Although there are 75 colors to choose from the most popular metal backsplashes by far are the ones that match stainless steel.   Those are the ones that you will be seeing the most in this gallery page.  All of our real metal backsplashes are made of Aluminum with the exception of Solid Copper.  Aluminum does not rust but it does oxidize if left un-treated. The only un-treated backsplash options we offer are Mill Finish Aluminum and Solid Copper.  Mill Finish Aluminum needs to be painted and it is not suitable for clear coating and the Solid Copper should be clear coated as it will start turning Patina on its own in time.  If you like Copper Patina than let it happen and ones desired look is achieved, apply clear coat.  Enjoy the images of the kitchens and your stay on our website.   - Milan Jara

Lovely kitchen with an island, medium dark stained cabinets, Stainless Steel Aplicances and matching backsplash.  
 Large Kithen with wooden cabinets, Stainless Steel appliances and a matching metal backsplash.  
 Kitchen with a wooden cabinets, marble counter tops and Aluminum backsplsh that matches Stainless Steel.  
 Green walls, natural wooden trim and Aluminum backsplash are the features of this kitchen.  
 White cabinets with glass inserts, metal backsplash and a checkered white and black flooring are the features of this kitchen.  
 Beautiful kitchen with Dark Cabinets and Diamond Backs stainless steel looking backsplash.  
 Beautiful kitchen by Bauer/Clifton interiors with dark cabinets and a metal backsplash.  
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