All You Need to Know about Foam Crown Moldings

Written by Milan Jara on 10th Aug 2018

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 5.5″ Wide 95.5″ Long – #CC 551 - Antique Gold

In the world of renovations, crown molding using architectural foam can make or break the look and feel of a room. What many homeowners don’t know is that there is a product on the market that makes crown molding more accessible to everyone.

Foam crown molding has hit the scene in recent years as one of the top choices for crown molding materials in homes. You may have guessed the reason why foam crown molding has become so popular, but do you know the benefits and drawbacks of using foam crown molding in your home?



What is foam crown molding?

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 3.5″ Wide 95.5″ Long – #CC 351 - Plain White

This may be the top question on your mind if you’re exploring this option for your home. In short, foam crown molding is a decorative piece that is made of styrofoam and is often made from architectural foam. It is lightweight and easy to install on smooth surfaces.

You may find that some foam crown molding comes in a very detailed pattern and can even be customized to fit your home decor needs.



Necessary Tools

DIY Foam Crown Molding Pack 3.5″ Wide 95.5″ Long (32 ln. ft. / pack) – #CC 353 - Plain White

What makes foam crown molding such a great option for your home is the ease and affordability it brings to the table and the step-by-step instructions are incredibly easy to achieve.

Compared to other crown molding, foam crown molding requires very little tools to install. Many of these tools may be lying around your home.

You will need:

  • Painters Caulk and Caulk Gun
  • Adhesive
  • Miter Saw (or equivalent)
  • Kitchen knife (sharp)
  • Water-based paint and primer
  • Spackle (Sandable)



What You Need to Know about Foam Crown Molding

Crown Molding Brown with Bronze Accents

Before you follow the step-by-step instruction of installing this foam crown molding in your home, find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of having foam crown molding vs. the more traditional types.

Advantages of Foam Crown Molding

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Does not decay or crack easily
  • Resistant to insect damage and moisture
  • Less expensive than traditional crown molding
  • No primer needed for repainting in the future

Disadvantages of Foam Crown Molding

  • Dents easily
  • If burned, ability to release toxic fumes is high
  • Easily melted when exposed to high heat and/or flames
  • Must paint to make décor



Quick and Easy Installation

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 5.5″ – #CC 551 - Antique Brass

Ready to give foam crown molding a chance in your home? Gather your materials and use these quick and easy installation instructions to help you get started on your new project:

Step 1: Paint First!

The foam crown molding will come in a color that will more than likely not match your home’s décor. You will need to prime and paint it first before you install. Give it time to dry before installing the foam crown molding.

Step 2: Corners Come First

Start with the corners of the room for installation first. No nails, hammers, or stud finders needed for this step! Simply place the adhesive on the back of the foam crown molding and press it onto the wall and into the corner!

Step 3: Measure the Gap

Take your tape measure and find the distance between the two corner pieces. Cut the foam crown molding piece to the desired length based on your measurement.

Step 4: Fill in Your Seams

Using the spackle you have in your toolkit, go back to each seam around the room and fill it with spackle. Then, sand it down so that the surface is nice and flat. After you sand the seams, apply one more coat of paint. Let dry.

Step 5: Caulk Away

The last step requires lots of caulking! Go to the top of the foam crown molding and caulk the horizontal seam. Then, move to the bottom horizontal seam. Make sure to wipe away any excess caulking that may be left using your flat knife and rag if needed!



Why choose foam crown molding?

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 5.5″ – #CC 555 - Plain White

While the advantages and super easy installation all seem like great reasons to choose foam crown molding for your home renovation needs, you may be a bit more convincing.

If you are a more conventional home décor person, foam crown molding may seem a little too out in left field for you. However, you could save yourself an exorbitant amount of money by choosing foam over wood crown molding. Those who are guests in your home will never even know the difference (unless you tell them).

If you’re not looking to inflict more pain on your wallet, using foam crown molding is one of the best ways to keep from doing that! As one of the most expensive projects homeowners take on themselves, take it from us: foam crown molding is definitely the way to go.



Where can you purchase foam crown molding?

CC351 DIY Foam Crown Molding – Antique Gold – Hand Painted - Antique Gold

You can easily purchase this crown molding right here for great priced material and durable materials.

However, if you would like to feel the foam crown molding in your hands before purchasing, you can head to your local hardware store, such as Home Depot or Lowes, and see what you think before you purchase.



What are customers saying?

Crown Molding Inside Corner Block - Plain White

The proof is always in the pudding when it comes to finding out how well the product works before actually purchasing it. In this case, customers from across the world who have used foam crown molding of all brands have found it to be more than they imagined.

There are some brands out there that are better than others, of course. In order to find the right fit for you and your needs is to read reviews of your product in question. These reviews can provide insight on the foam crown molding that some of us others can’t!



Final Word

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 5.5″ Wide 95.5″ Long – #CC 551 - Plain White

Many homeowners who were around in the ’70s and ’80s have a strong aversion to the use of styrofoam in their home (or in their lives at all). This is because back in the ’70s and ’80s, styrofoam was known for emitting gasses or causing environmental issues by simply existing.

Today’s technology has redesigned the way styrofoam is made and it no longer includes the CFCs of those earlier times.

Now, the foam crown moldings are made from the same styrofoam that is found in your cooler, coffee cups, and many other places around your home! You can rest assured that this foam crown molding will do nothing in your home except provide a beautiful appearance for your guests!

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