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Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles - 50% off on Painting Service

Photo Gallery

Pictures of Decorative Ceilings and Tiles

We understand that it is sometimes hard to visualize a project you have in mind. For this reason, we are happy to share a variety of ceiling tile pictures with you. We hope to offer a bit of inspiration as you enjoy the details in these decorative ceilings. Pictures beautifully convey ideas to transform your living space quickly and easily when you shop with us and buy your decorative tiles at a great price! We are always ready to assist you in finding just the right ceiling tiles. Pictures really are worth a thousand words when it comes to showing just how big of a transformation a new drop ceiling can make!

This classy looking tile is made out of Styrofoam and it was glued over drywall. Styrofoam Ceiling Tile Projects: Click to enter and soak in all of the different options you have for your ceilings. Did you know that you can cover popcorn ceiling with this product? Yes, it is true, and believe it or not, it is very easy to do. Here is a proof of it in the form of an installation video. There are about 50 different designs in our Styrofoam collection, and all of them can be painted with any water-based paints, so you can create exactly the look you need. Another benefit of these tiles is sound, heat, and cold insulation, which they provide along with their beautiful look. So what are you waiting for? If you ceiling needs a new look and you are on a budget, dive right in.

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James Storey from Houston has hand painted these tiles crust finish for his clients. Faux Tin Ceiling Project: Click to enter and view our collection of decorative ceilings. Pictures from our customers from different parts of the world, but mostly from the United States, reinforce the idea that faux ceiling tiles are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, bars, casinos, and movie theaters, but also among home owners who are finding this decor to be an attractive and budget-friendly option. This product is made from PVC; it is Class A fire-rated and also very light. No wonder that the popularity has grown tremendously over the past few years. The image on the left shows one of our best-selling products, which has been hand-painted by faux artist James Storey of Houston, Texas. (If you are interested in his work, feel free to reach him at 281-804-6325.) click here to look at some more beautiful ceiling tile pictures.

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kitchen-with-classic-romanesque-aged-solid-copper-ceiling-tiles-small.jpg Metal Projects: Click to enter our extensive gallery of metal projects. You will find pictures of ceiling tiles just right for kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings, and walls, casinos and restaurants, as well as basements and living rooms. From tin to solid copper and artisan finishes, we offer just the right selection for any custom projects. We also replicate old tiles, bringing them back to popular use. There are 200 patterns and 75 finishes available for most of them. This makes our decorative tiles a great choice for projects at home or in a commercial venue. Did you know that the most popular metal for installation on ceilings and backsplashes is aluminum? Now, you know, the light weight of aluminum and the fact that it will never rust brings this precious metal in front of the pack. So go on, check out the ceiling tile design ideas that you find here, and see if there is anything that will take your breath away... enter.

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brendans-irish-pub-and-bar-small.jpg Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Catering Halls: Click to enter our gallery of images collected from our dear customers who have used our tiles to decorate their establishments. Faux-tin ceiling tiles are the most popular ones in many commercial establishments, as they enhance the look but don’t break the budget. Copper colors are especially popular in restaurants. All of our faux-tin and metal tiles are Class A fire-rated.

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