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Are Faux Wood Beams Expensive?

Price is always an important factor when thinking about updating your home's look and wood beams are no exception. Using real wood beams to renovate a home or business space can become very costly quickly, but what about the alternative? Are faux wood beams expensive too?

To put it simply, no! Faux wood beams are significantly more affordable than real wood. Not only is the upfront cost of faux wood beams considerably cheaper, but you'll save a lot of money in other areas as well. Real wood beams often need a team of professional contractors to install, which can drive up your installation costs a great deal. This isn't the case with the more lightweight faux wood beams.

Furthermore, real wood beams require a great deal more upkeep to maintain. From rotting to pests, there are several ways for your real wood beams to degrade over time. Preventing or rectifying these problems can become an exceptionally expensive maintenance cost as time goes on. Faux wood beams, however, don't suffer from these issues. Many faux wood beams are waterproof to help prevent deterioration, and pests aren't attracted to them like they are with real wood.

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