Need something new for your kitchen? Install a tin backsplash

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Oct 2018

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Have you ever imagined adding a small flair that can change your kitchen area? The ordinary kitchen can look dull and messy due to uncontained water and food splashes, making it less attractive to work in. For this reason, we bring you an easy solution that will transform how you manage your kitchen space and while still at it, revive its general look. A tin backsplash! This is an architectural element designed with tin finishing on the surface and comes with your custom made designs pressed on to them.



Why install a tin kitchen backsplash?

Apart from bringing out the most desired refreshed and renewed look to your kitchen, the reasons outlined in this article will make you want to get a tin kitchen backsplash for your kitchen.

Enjoy your Kitchen in its new state

However much we’d love to keep our kitchens clean they are still top of the list of the messiest places in many homes. Attaining an ever clean, dry and refreshed kitchen is a dream yet to be realized by many home owners. This is where a kitchen tin backsplash comes in. It is an every household necessity and will come in handy in achieving your desire. Kitchen tin backsplash protects water and food particles from splashing onto the larger sink area creating an easy cleaning solution.

Protect your wall papers and painted walls

The tin kitchen backsplash will protect your beautifully painted walls and wall papers from the splatter of cooking. Some kitchen walls are difficult to clean while others have sensitive paints. To preserve the beauty of your walls, a tin kitchen backsplash comes in handy. I know you want your kitchen to always look “amazing”.

The ever fresh kitchen

Kitchen splatter around the surface area can take away the freshness we all crave for. Why not get a tin kitchen backsplash and set on a journey to enjoying an odor free kitchen? This artistic element will save you the embarrassment of flaunting your messy kitchen area and criticism.

Cover the sink area gaps

Acquiring a tin kitchen backsplash will be an amazing way to conceal any gaps created when the counter tops are not well flushed on the walls. These are the gaps where food particles settle resulting in bad odor. This backsplash will ensure that no food particles clog in these spaces and that your kitchen will stay fresh for a long time.

Ease of installation

Creating a tin kitchen backsplash is as easy as pie and does not require much joint effort. The installation process will not require you to make any changes in the superstructure already in place. All you need is to fit it on the existing surface and get a completely new finish of your kitchen area. With snips, paper cutter, adhesive and tape you can install tin kitchen backsplash all by yourself. For the lovers of interior décor, this will be fun to do while saving you acquired installation costs.

Improved Aesthetics and a touch of elegance

Does your kitchen feel gloomy, plain and poorly designed? Has it maintained the same wall paint, material and a feel that calls for change? Look no further, the tin kitchen backsplash is the missing magical piece that you need. This kitchen essential comes in variety of designs to choose from. Choosing a design that blends with the patterns and colors in your kitchen will bring a special feel effect that will bring out your ideal kitchen look. A magnetic look that will give your kitchen a touch of class you have always wished for. It will set your space apart from the rest and the ultimate bench mark.

Install Tin Tile Backsplash

Easy Cleaning

Tin is an awesome material when it comes to cleaning. Unlike other materials that require strong grease strippers or soap concentrates, tin backsplashes are generally very easy to clean. Usually a quick wipe down with a mild cleanser will do the magic to keep the surface spotlessly clean.


What better metal to choose from the many than one that is moisture and heat resistant? This translates to durability and cost effectiveness. We all love to use our kitchen appliances. The toasters, ovens and other hot appliances but more often than not, wedread the heat they emit. We fear that it could cause damages to the kitchen surfaces. Tin is heat resistant and that makes it an ideal choice for handling heat among all other materials made from different materials. Other than the occasional cleaning, tin requires no other maintenance which gives assurance that it will last long and give you value for your money.

Environmental Friendly

Any material that can be recycled is friendly to our environment. A tin backsplash is made from recycled material and is therefore environment friendly and can be recycled to make other home essentials.

Keep off the pests

Pests can easily infiltrate a dirty kitchen. Surfaces that don’t have backsplashes tend to be more prone to pests majorly because of the food particles that clog in between spaces. By installing tin backsplash in your kitchen, you will help to keep pests and parasites at bay.


The market place offers a variety of items from which we can choose from. There is beauty in the things that are not common, yet there is immeasurable value in the things that are termed as DIY. With the right information, it takes just little modifications to make the existing space look and feel magnetic and beautifully new.

Such is the concept of the tin backsplash. All aspects you need to consider when shopping for it points to the following facts;

  • The material is readily available
  • You can do it yourself
  • It is easy to clean
  • It comes in different designs and colors
  • It can take different shapes
  • It is heat and moisture resistant
  • It is durable and cost effective

Why don’t you accessorize your kitchen surface as you ensure cleanliness and splendor?

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