Everything You Need To Know About Copper Ceiling Tiles

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Oct 2018

Steampunk Faux Tin Ceiling Tile 24x24 225 Copper

Every time copper ceilings are mentioned, we envision of golden finishes, metallic beauty and extremely classy ceilings. The kind of elegance you would love to indulge in every moment. Copper tiles have been around for a long period and most home owners and interior décor experts have broadened their aesthetic range by coming up with new designs. This explains why there are so many metal ceilings today with copper finishing trends. That gleaming burning golden color makes copper stand out from the rest. The autumn leaves, geometrical, the Aztec suns are among the many designs you can choose from in the copper ceiling tiles category. Copper ceiling tiles create such a long lasting impression to the eye. Are you considering installing copper ceiling tiles your house? If yes, then this piece will give you deeper insight into your “new to be world”.

Queen Victoria Copper Ceiling Tile 1204


The Pros


Copper ceilings offer a beautifully molded design with a classic old school appearance that blends perfectly with older buildings. Copper material is quite long lasting, readily available and relatively inexpensive. We cannot ignore the aesthetic value that come with copper ceiling tiles in your home.

With this design, you will change your room’s appearance significantly. As a matter of fact, copper ceilings come in a variety of colors and designs to choose from. The designs are artistically stamped on the inner material and can be painted to your taste. Don’t we all love the “being spoilt for choice” feeling?


Another advantage that comes with copper ceiling tiles is its durability. Copper is resistant to water corrosion and damage from underneath structures. It also suffers little or no effect due to materials used in constructions. The ever increasing demand for copper in interior décor has made copper ceiling tiles to become readily available in the local stores. The internet has also made it possible to make purchases in different online stores.

Environment friendly:

Unlike materials such as vinyl or wood which sits in landfills and disrupts the environment, copper is environmental friendly and does not break easily. Due to this durability, copper ceiling tiles will save you the cost of frequent modifications.



The Cons

Some cons include the cost of the material. Copper material is relatively expensive as compared to others like tin and metal. Copper also tends to fade out and become dull in the long run therefore changing its aesthetics in the course of time. In some instances, depending on the material used to construct your house, copper installation might be a tad bit more difficult.

To counter the high costs of installation, you don’t have to use actual solid copper. You can use tinor other finishes and install copper ceiling tiles on top of it to achieve the copper ceiling tile finishing. These lightweight and easily manageable options are easier to transport and install.

DIY Installation

If you are ready to change the overall look of your ceiling by installing copper ceiling tiles, then this information will go a long way in giving you the insights you need to make your dream come true. Here are a few pointers to remember

  • You can install copper tiles on top of the existing ceiling using nails or drop grid
  • If you have enough space, the ceiling grid would be your perfect option. It allows space for ducts, wiring and pipes
  • Should you need to maximize the ceiling height mounting on the surface will be a better choice and installation is quite easy
  • To make this a perfect piece of art, consider the choice of grid kits, decorative cornices, mount accessories and border panels before the actual work begins

Steps to installing copper ceiling tiles

  • Establish the height of the ceiling
  • Install perimeter molding
  • Install runners
  • Install panels and leave allowance for openings

What to avoid when installing copper ceiling tiles

  • Not planning your ceiling’s layout
  • Not checking codes
  • Creating a sloping ceiling
  • Damaging tiles during installation
  • Neglecting electrical work


- Do I need special gadgets for cutting the tiles?
  No. Amazingly all you need is a pair of kitchen shears or even a household razor knife, quite easy, right?

- How do I know the size and number of tiles that I need to order?
  Simply use a wall or ceiling estimator

- What type of glue can I use for my copper ceiling tiles?
  Use an adhesive that is friendly to ceramic. This is commonly known as mastic

- Can I paint my copper ceramic tiles?
  Yes you can, however make sure that you use water paint only

Wrapping it up

We all love our living spaces looking splendid and inviting. Ceiling tiles are among the modern innovations that have taken the market by surprise. Designs that were previously considered ancient have taken a market shift to bring out beautiful concepts. The copper ceiling tiles stand in this category. They have revolutionized how we do our interior décor.

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