Why You Shouldn’t Have A White Ceiling

Written by Milan Jara on 3rd Feb 2015

See the majestic, white ceiling in that picture? The intricate design, the vaulted magnificence … zzzzzzz. A white ceiling is boring no matter how you try and dress it up. In the end, all you are looking at is what looks like the foundation to something much more wonderful.

We have been installing ceilings for years, and we are just not fans of white ceilings. If you have been considering a new ceiling and want a white one, or if you currently have a white ceiling, I have some very good reasons why you should change your mind and go with something a bit more interesting.

White Ceiling

Photo by Steve Cadman (Flickr)

Color is Variety

When we design a ceiling, we use white as a base color and then branch out from there. Color is variety, and your ceiling should bring variety to your room. We can also design tiles in patterns that create a look you have never seen before. With a white ceiling, all you get is white. With a ceiling that has some color, you get variety in a way that enhances the interior decor of your room.

Make a Statement

We are artists as well as ceiling experts, and we expect your ceiling to be a projection of your personality. If you are a stamped copper ceiling kind of person, then we have the patterns that will make your ceiling a statement about your personal tastes. The only statement you can make with a white ceiling is that you are boring and that is the way you like it. We know you are not boring, and it is our job to show the world that you are not boring with a colorful and artistic ceiling.

From Wall to Wall

Do you know what a white ceiling with white crown molding looks like? It looks boring. But put some real wood-grain crown molding around a colorful tile ceiling and you have a work of art. We love crown molding because of the many ways we have found to use it over the years. We have used crown molding that clashed with the color of the ceiling, and we have used crown molding that goes right in line with the tile we are using. In our opinion, you have not lived until you have seen a hardwood ceiling framed by real hardwood crown molding in person.

Keep the Color Theme Consistent

The flooring and walls in your room are not white, so why would your ceiling be white? If you are going to go to the trouble of making two-thirds of your room look awesome and interesting, then finish it off with an interesting ceiling. Let’s face it: A white ceiling is not interesting. So let us take a look at how you have the rest of your room decorated, and we will put together a ceiling that matches the theme of your room.

White ceilings are boring and unnecessary. It does not take much of an investment of time or money to have a ceiling that is just as interesting as the rest of your room. Check out our website and see the different options we offer to help you bring some pizzazz to your ceilings.

Milan Jara