What Are Drop Ceiling Panels Called?

Raised Panel Faux Tin Drop Ceiling Tile

If you're working with a drop ceiling and unsure which tiles you need, don't worry. You're far from the first to ask, "What are drop ceiling tiles called?" The reason behind this confusion is that drop ceilings and, by extension, the tiles they use, actually have a few different names.

"Drop ceiling tiles" is the most straightforward name these panels go by and leaves little doubt that they're what you'll need. However, these ceiling tiles are sometimes referred to as "drop-in tiles" as well. This name is in reference to the drop ceiling installation method, in which the tiles are essentially just dropped into place. If you've found a drop-in tile you like, you can rest assured that it will work with your drop ceiling, as long as its dimensions match your grid.

The third name is perhaps the most common reason people feel the need to ask, "What are drop ceiling panels called?" This is because it's completely different. A drop ceiling can also be called a suspended ceiling, which means that drop ceiling tiles can instead be referred to as suspended ceiling tiles. But don't let the name difference confuse you. Suspended ceiling tiles are exactly the same as drop ceiling tiles and will work just fine in your drop ceiling.

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