Hit a Designing Wall? Look to These Pinterest Boards for Creative Inspiration

Written by Milan Jara on 11th Nov 2014

Throughout history, the greatest artists of each generation have found themselves at points where they needed a little help with inspiration. My wife and I are no different, as we sometimes find ourselves struggling to find the perfect idea to match a customer’s needs.

The one thing that my wife and I have that Rembrandt did not is the Internet and the social media site known as Pinterest. If you ever need ideas from creative people, then look no further than this treasure trove of unique and wonderful ideas. Here are a few of our favorite Pinterest boards to get you started.


Photo by A Health Blog (via Flick)


The good people at Buzzfeed scan the Internet for unique ideas, and they never fail to come through when our inspiration level is low. Buzzfeed has some awesome ideas for decorating small spaces, and we especially like their DIY stuff for people who are not particularly good at doing DIY projects. Sometimes, the best advice is to get back to the basics and stay simple.

Thoughts From Alice

If you are a creative person, then it is hard to not like the Thoughts From Alice board. The focus here is to take leftover or household items and turn them into something useful. We have seen ideas for everything from shower curtains made out of drop cloths to full room designs on a small budget on this board, and we are always inspired by what we see.


The thing we like about the Hometalk board is that there are people from all over the world offering ideas for simple ways to fix up a room or add to a home’s landscaping. This board also has some awesome homemade remedies for problems that we have used in our home. From cleaning grout to using beans to create decorative mats, we have pulled a lot of inspiration from the Hometalk Pinterest board.

This Old House Decorative Touches

Of course we watch This Old House from time to time, and we utilize the This Old House Decorative Touches Pinterest board on a regular basis. One of the things we really enjoy about this page is the various ideas they have for reusing old ceiling tiles. We have actually been able to expand jobs because of the ideas we have gotten from this board to utilize old metal or decorative ceiling tiles. If you are a person who wants to get the most out of your home project, then you have to check out this Pinterest board.

Pinterest is a place where we hang out often and share ideas with others. We would like to think that we offer plenty of inspiration to the people who enjoy our stuff on Pinterest, but we are not ashamed to say that we get plenty of inspiration from the ideas we see all over Pinterest. If you are a creative person, then you need to spend time on Pinterest to help enhance your imagination and offer solutions that will make the best possible impact on every home.

Milan Jara