How Much Does a Piece of Paneling Cost?

How Much Does a Piece of Paneling Cost

The price of wall panels at Decorative Ceiling Panels varies a lot, anywhere from $1 per panel to around $700. This huge range of prices is due to the many factors that differentiate ceiling tiles from one another. The larger the panel is, the more expensive it will be. Some panels are made from far more costly materials than others. Real hammered copper costs a lot more than a piece of PVC. So when asking, "how much does a piece of paneling cost," it's helpful to decide what you want from your paneling first. How intricate do you want the design to be? How much paneling do you need to buy? Do you need a soundproofing material or a heat-insulating material? Deciding on these factors will help you narrow down how much money you'll spend on the wall paneling for your project.