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Written by Milan Jara on 21st Jul 2015

That picture you are looking at is an example of just one of the types of tiles that we offer at Decorative Ceiling Tiles. While we love giving advice on the best ways to decorate your home, we also like to stop and toot our own horn once in a while. We offer a lot of ceiling tile styles, and we are confident that we have something for everyone, no matter what your tastes might be.

Grandma's Doilies Quartet Tile

Photo by Talissa Decor Faux tin ceiling tiles (Flickr)

Art Deco

The picture for this post would qualify as an Art Deco ceiling tile because of its unique design. Art Deco tiles are easy to spot because, well, they look like art. They have the patterns and designs that contemporary artists are using to develop the master works we see today. If you want a ceiling with a special artistic touch, then Art Deco is definitely your style.


Classic can look like Art Deco, but the two styles are very different. Where the Art Deco style uses contemporary patterns and vivid designs, the classic style uses the types of patterns and designs seen in homes for hundreds of years. There is a warm and welcoming feeling to a classic-style ceiling that would look great in your family room or your dining room.


The contemporary genre is based on the types of straight lines that are often associated with computer-generated patterns. The contemporary style allows you to choose patterns that are relatively open or designs that you could stare at for hours, but it is all based on the use of straight lines.

Greek Revival

The ancient images and patterns so often associated with ancient Greek architecture are the centerpiece of a style we call Greek revival. From the patterns seen in the great Greek halls to the urns that are found throughout ancient Greek art, you will be able to bring a bit of the ancient feel to your home with this style.


The baroque style used bold patterns and thick lines to make a pronounced and very evident artistic statement. When you want a ceiling that is impossible to ignore and can act as the centerpiece to any room, then go with the baroque style.


The round patterns and soft lines of the country style will help to bring a sense of calm to any room. You can put the country style in your kitchen, but it may also help create a warmer feeling in your dining room.


For something a little different, consider the Egyptian style for any room in your home. This is a style that allows you to bring ancient Egyptian wall art and hieroglyphics into your home for a look that will make your home memorable to all of your guests.


We really like the Asian style because it is something different that will work in any room in your home. You can build a story on your ceiling with the Asian dragons and mystical patterns that this style has to offer. When you want art and the ancient mysteries of the East to be part of your home decor, then a ceiling done in the Asian style is an excellent choice.

As always, we encourage you to send us pictures of your finished projects so we can see how you utilized a particular style from our inventory. Whether you used the strength of the baroque style or the subtle art of our Asian products, we know that you will be very happy with all of your results.

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