How to Install Ceiling Tiles

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Installation Instructions

Do you want to start installing ceiling tiles in a particular room in your home? Here, you can find plenty of DIY resources for learning how to install ceiling tile. Only Decorative Ceiling Tiles is your one-stop shop for both advice and the very best in quality ceiling tile materials. We have tiles to match every budget and tiles that will give you a look that you have always wanted.

With our project calculator, you don’t have to buy more materials than you will need. While we offer decorative ceiling tiles at great, affordable prices, we want you to feel like you are getting your money’s worth. Use our calculator and you can buy the perfect amount of tiles. We have the materials you will need to install a faux or real metal ceiling, and we also have expert advice to guide you along the way. If you already have a contractor in mind to do your ceiling tile installation project, then that is great! However, we can also help you to save money by doing some of this work yourself so that you can get the exact look you want.

When you shop in our online store, you do not need to worry about any special equipment to cut our tile. We will show you how to cut ceiling tiles using only a pair of scissors, and it only takes a few seconds to make those accurate cuts! We can even show you how to put up a ceiling in your commercial space so that it will look like it was put up by a team of professionals.

From the moment you buy our tiles to the time you start your installation project, we will show you everything you need to know to learn how do you install ceiling tile squares like a professional. We even offer samples of our tiles so that you can see the quality for yourself before making your final investment. We can teach you how to cut ceiling tiles so that you do not waste any product and so that you get the results you want.

Whether you glue, nail, or peel-and-stick your tiles to your ceiling, we want you to have the confidence you need to install ceiling tiles correctly. Browse our online resources and educate yourself on how do you install decorative ceiling tiles, and then go to our store to get all of the supplies you need to make your dream ceiling a reality.

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles

  1. Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Installation
  2. How to Cover Popcorn Ceilings
  3. A La Maison Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Installation


Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles:

  1. Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles - Glue up Installation 
  2. Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles - Decorate a Drop Ceiling
  3. Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles - Drop in Install


Real Metal Ceiling Tiles:

  1. Tin Ceiling Tiles - Nail up Installation
  2. Tin Ceiling Tiles - Drop in Installation


Project Calculators:

  1. Ceiling and Wall Tiles - Project Estimator



  1. Aluminum Backsplash Installation



  1. MirroFlex Door Skins Installation
  2. MirroFlex Structures Installation
  3. MirroFlex Tegular - Drop in Installation



  1. NuMetal Installation



  1. LumiSplash Installation


Hand Painted Ceiling Medallion:

  1. Hand Painted Ceiling Medallion Installation


Wall Panels:

  1. 3D Wall Panels Installation


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Buy Ceiling Tiles in Bulk & Get 10% - 15% off + Free Shipping

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