Decorative Arts and Crafts Resources

Written by Milan Jara

Decorative Arts and Crafts Resources

Arts and crafts are fun ways to spend time with friends and create something special. There are art projects for all ages, so you and your friends can create and explore your artsy side. Many crafts can be done using items that you probably have around your home or classroom, so put your thinking caps on and grab your glue sticks: It's time to create something special. The following is a list of creative arts and craft projects that you can make at home or at school. Please make sure you ask for the permission of a grownup before starting any of these projects. A parent or guardian may also come in handy if you need help using special equipment or sharp objects, like knives or scissors.

  • Make a Milk Jug Birdfeeder: This craft is a great way to celebrate spring and welcome the birds back to your neighborhood.
  • Fun With Coins: This collection of arts, crafts, and activities is a fun way to help you learn more about money.
  • Recycling Facts, Games, and Crafts: This cool booklet has tons of great information for kids about recycling and some of the crafts and art projects that use recycled items, like paper, plastic, and glass; even old decorative ceiling tiles can be used to make beautiful recycled art.
  • Sewing Card Crafts for Kids: Sewing cards can be tons of fun, and by making your own, you can be as creative as you'd like. Enjoy!
  • Winter-Themed Crafts to Beat the Cold: These fun winter crafts can make any snow day a fun one.
  • Texture Rubbings: Learn how you can add different textures to your drawings by taking a look around your home and school for things like sandpaper, burlap, wood, or textured decorative ceiling tiles.
  • Damask Polymer Clay Pendants: Make cool, one-of-a-kind clay pendants with these step-by-step instructions.
  • Haiku Straw Painting: Bring your favorite haiku to life with this fun straw painting craft.
  • Create a Tile Puzzle: This Web page shows you how to create a fun puzzle using cardboard tiles.
  • DIY Terra Cotta Pots: Decorate your own herb pot with these simple instructions, then grow your own parsley, mint, or basil.
  • Create a Special Silhouette: Get your craft on with a portrait of a friend using these silhouette drawing instructions.
  • Fun Food Art for Kids: Raid the pantry and see what you can make with what you find; this page has instructions for tons of food crafts, like macaroni necklaces and finger-painting with pudding.
  • Origami Crafts for Kids: Learn how to make many different origami crafts; all you need is paper.
  • Easy and Very Easy Origami Projects: These basic origami instructions will have you folding with the best of them in no time.
  • Colorful Collage Ideas for Kids: These cool collages use many different materials, and each can be made special by you.
  • Paper Snowflakes: Using paper and safety scissors, you can make a snowflake that is as unique as you are.
  • DIY Calming Jars: A calming jar can be a glittery way to relax, and they are beautiful decorations.
  • Do-It-Yourself Dolls: This page has tons of dolls that you can make yourself or with the help of a grown-up.
  • Race to the Finish Line: Organize your own race car rally after you build your very own, homemade race car.
  • Make a Sun Dial From a Plate: The National Wildlife Federation has directions for how you can make a sun dial, which can help you tell time with just sunlight!
  • Wax-Paper Art: Wax-paper art uses special paint, glue, and leaves that you can pick out on your own. Use these instructions to create something really special and hang it in a window.
  • Paper Bag Animal Puppets: Make your own animals and put on a puppet show. This can be fun when you follow a story, like The Three Little Pigs, or create your own circus; you can be the ringmaster!
  • Sequined CD Fish: This craft uses an old CD as the body for your sparkly fish. Create your school of fish today and have fun exploring the ocean!
  • Constructing with Styrofoam Activity for KidsCreate your own structures using styrofoam and lots of imagination.
  • Make Your Own Googly Shades: Style up your summer with these cool shades. This page lets you print these easy-to-follow instructions so that you can make googly shades that are totally unique.
  • Homemade Salt Dough: Salt dough is safe for kids of all ages and can be used to make many unique crafts, including hand-print art.
  • Acorn Crafts: Go out and collect acorns, then come back and make some creative, natural crafts, like necklaces and figurines.
  • Drawing and Assorted Craft Videos: Watch and learn to make tons of cool drawings and fun crafts with these video tutorials.
  • Before You Craft, Check Your Supplies: This is the ultimate kids' arts and crafts checklist so you can set up your own special art area at home. Get Mom or Dad to help you, and then start creating magic!
  • Fuzzy Caterpillar Buddy: The San Diego Zoo offers instructions for how to make a soft, fuzzy caterpillar.

- Milan Jara

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