Ceramic Tile Art Projects

Written by Milan Jara

If you're looking for a fun, inexpensive art project, try seeing what you can do with ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are widely available and the basis for many different types of art projects. Homeowners and interior decorators love ceramic tiles because they add a high-end look and character to interior decor, from renovations of historic homes to bringing pizzazz to new builds. Often, there are a few tiles left over from these projects that you can use for other things. Tiles don't just add beauty and charm to kitchens, ceilings, bathrooms, and patios: With a little artistic know-how, they can add beauty to any room in a home!

Mosaic Mirror

Dollar stores or thrift stores often have small mirrors that could use an upgrade. This is a great project for using up a lot of different tiles. The only requirement is that the tiles be the same size. Lay the tiles out along the edges of the mirror until the design is how you want it. Then, attach the tiles using clear silicone adhesive.

Tiled Tray

Small penny tiles or hexagon tile sheets are perfect to use for this easy project. Grab a premade wooden tray and spray-paint it to match or contrast with the tile. Set the tile into the tray, and starting at the top left corner, apply grout. Once the entire tray has been grouted, wipe away the excess with a damp sponge. Let the tray dry before using it.

Tile Coasters

Some tile is so pretty that crafters just want to enjoy the lovely design. This is the perfect project for those ceramic tiles! The only supplies needed are a piece of cork, tiles, adhesive, a craft knife, and a foam brush. Place a tile on the cork, and trim it so the cork fits perfectly. Flip the tile over and paint the back with the adhesive before firmly pressing the cork into place. Let the adhesive set for at least a day. These tile coasters make great gifts, and they work with ceramic tiles of any shape.

Tile Magnets

For a simple little project guaranteed to add a lot of style to a refrigerator or magnet board, try making your own tile magnets. Small marble tiles are perfect for this project. Other than the tiles, all that's needed is binder clips, heavy-duty glue, and magnets about the same size as the tiles. Apply a dot of glue to a magnet, press it onto a tile, and place a binder clip around both to hold them together. Let the glue dry for about a day before removing the binder clips and using the magnets.

Tile Tabletop

If you have a sturdy table with a beat-up top, this is a great project to take on. Crafters will need tile, plywood cut to the size of the tabletop, molding, mortar, grout, and a nail gun. Kids or those inexperienced with using a nail gun should get help with this project. First, place the cut plywood on top of the table, and then work out how the tile will be laid out on the table. Mix the mortar, and apply it starting in the top right corner. Set the tile down on the wet mortar, and let everything dry overnight. Once it's dry, trim the tabletop with the molding and use the nail gun to hold everything in place. Now, the table top is ready for grouting. Again, start in one corner and work your way down and out. Wipe away excess grout with a damp sponge, then let the table dry thoroughly before using it.

Glittery Tile Vase

If you have an old vase sitting around, you can make this basic object glam using tiles. Use a silicone adhesive to set small ceramic tiles onto the glass vase. Once the design is set, mix glitter into the grout. The glitter is what makes this project stand out! Apply the grout as normal, wiping away any excess with a damp sponge. The glitter and pretty tiles have turned a humdrum vase into a one-of-a-kind original.

Photo Tiles

Photos tiles can be used in a variety of ways. They can serve as personalized coasters, or they can be hung on the wall to make an unusual photo gallery. Start by measuring your tiles, then have the photos printed in that exact size. You could use pictures of people, but pets and landscapes also make for great photo tiles. Paint the front of the tile with a thin layer of adhesive before pressing the photo into place. Then, paint another thin layer of adhesive on top to protect the surface of the photo. Let it dry for at least a day.

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- Milan Jara

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