Why Use Fireplace Mantels Made of Faux Wood Beams?

Written by Milan Jara on 2nd May 2022

Fireplace Mantel

Decorate your fireplace with a durable faux wood beam mantel. Choose from multiple colors, textures, and sizes in our collection.

A fireplace mantel or a mantelpiece is a frame that covers the opening of a fireplace. Traditionally, it helped prevent smoke from getting into the house by diverting it back into the chimney. But today, people use it for decorative purposes.

Fireplace mantels are essential parts of your home decor, often serving as the living room’s focal point. They come in different sizes, textures, colors, and materials, and you can usually stain your mantel any color you want. Using these beams, you can surround the entire fireplace to give your living room an elegant look.

You can decide to use faux wood beam mantels or authentic wood mantels. In fact, there are a lot of real wood options to consider, including a reclaimed timber mantel, hand-hewn wood mantel, reclaimed barn beam mantel, and more.

A real wood beam mantel is tempting, and many people love the look of natural wood next to the brick or stone of a fireplace. But why should you consider using a fireplace mantel made of a faux wood beam? Let’s find the key reasons.

What Is a Faux Wood Beam?

Faux Wood Beam

A faux wood beam is a manufactured beam that looks like real wood. From a distance, you can’t tell the difference between a real wood and faux beam fireplace mantle. While some people prefer real wood, others consider appearance more significant than real material. Why would you use a faux wood mantel instead of a real wood mantel if the appearance is the same? Faux wood has a few benefits you can’t find in real wood. Here are some of them:

They’re Cost-Effective

Real wood comes from trees, which take time to grow and diminish with time. So it becomes expensive due to insufficient supply of wood and restrictions imposed by authorities. Hardwood is even more challenging to find, but it is more suitable for the mantelpiece. If you get cheaper wood, it will be low quality and won’t last as long.

You can use reclaimed timber for your wood fireplace mantel, but this isn't always easy to find. And even if you do find an old barn beam or another large piece of reclaimed wood, transporting it and finishing it are often big jobs to tackle.

On the other hand, faux wood uses cheaper materials such as PVC. It’s not just cheaper, it’s also environmentally friendly and highly recyclable. They don’t have chlorofluorocarbons which pollute the environment. And the finishes and stains are water-based.

On the other hand, faux wood uses cheaper materials such as PVC. It’s not just cheaper, it’s also environmentally friendly and highly recyclable. They don’t have chlorofluorocarbons which pollute the environment. And the finishes and stains are water-based.

They Can Withstand Humidity

If you live in a highly humid area, your wood may get spoiled easily. Real wood absorbs water, making it rot with time and lose quality. But faux wood beams are waterproof. So they can even survive in an outdoor environment.

They’re Light

A real wood beam is heavy, making it difficult to install. But a faux wood beam is light since it uses lightweight materials. Furthermore, faux wood beams are hollow. So they allow you to pass electrical cables and pipes through them. You can also install lighting systems on the beam. Hollow beams mean you can get a thicker beam with a relatively lower additional weight.

They Have Versatile Design

It might be difficult to find real wood that matches your interior design. But faux wood beams are easier to produce in whatever design you desire. You can choose from a wide variety of faux wood finishes. Furthermore, you can paint the beam to match your desired look.

They’re Durable

Termites and other pests don’t attack faux wood beams. On the other hand, real wood is susceptible to worms and other insects that may damage it. In addition, when you expose real wood to heat, it can crack. Faux wood doesn’t crack, and you can clean it with water without causing damage.

They’re Easy to Install

Due to their light weight, faux wood beams are easier to install. One or two people are enough to install the faux wood beam. And you can easily attach it using screws and construction glue.

Easy to Clean

If any liquid spills on the faux beam, you can clean it with water and detergents without ruining it. But that’s not the case with real wood. If it gets dirty, you can only clean it by wiping it. If you use chemicals, you can cause discoloration and create stains.

Types of Faux Wood Beams

Faux beams come in many varieties depending on the material and type of finish. Most faux beams are made with high-density foam.

Faux wood mantels are non-hollow and come in sizes 4 to 9 feet in length and 4 to 14 inches high. Other sizes are possible to get, depending on your needs. You can choose from different colors, including primed, dark walnut, driftwood, espresso, mahogany, oak, and gray. In addition, you can select the texture you like, such as Doug fir, hand-hewn, rough sawn, sandblast, and Tuscany.

Faux Wood Beam

Other Uses of Faux Wood Beams

You can use faux wood beams for other purposes besides as a fireplace mantel. Generally, faux wood beams can replace real wood in the decorative areas of your house. Some common uses include:

  • Ceiling beams: These beams run from one end of the ceiling to the other, giving your room an elegant look. You can use them in your living room, bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen. Dark ceiling beams stand out more when used on a white ceiling.
  • Transitional decor: Modern houses consist of one large space without clear separations. Faux wood beams can help show the transition from one section to another. So you can put them up to mark the dining area, the kitchen, and the sitting room. You can also use them as frames in entryways and doors.
  • Wall decor: You can make your walls pop by adding faux wood beams, either horizontally or vertically. Plus, you can connect them to the ceiling beams to create one continuous stream.
  • Exterior decor: You can use faux beam woods outdoors if the material is weather-resistant. You can also set them to look like pillars on your porch. Or you can let them complement your outdoor kitchen and other outdoor structures.
  • Hallway decoration: Since faux wood beams are cheap, you can use them along your hallway. You can either connect them to the ceiling beams or run them horizontally.

Final Words

A fireplace mantel is entirely used for decorative purposes. However, if you want your house to look stylish, you can go for a faux wood mantel. Though they’re inexpensive, their look isn’t any different from that of more expensive wood. Best of all, they’re easy to install, durable, and come in versatile designs.

If you are interested in faux wood beams, start by ordering samples to get a firsthand experience of the look. Be sure to contact Decorative Ceiling Tiles if you need assistance or have any questions.

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