How Faux Beams Can Transform Your Home & Garden?

Written by Milan Jara on 1st Jun 2021

 Faux Wood Beams – Dark Walnut

Create a unique, warm, and inviting setting – whether it’s indoors or outside in your garden. Available in various textures, from timber to distressed, to raised grain looks. Faux wood beams imitate the look of real wood beams and the outcome of speaks volumes.

As it typically costs a huge amount of money to install solid wood beams, faux wood beams are available as a cost-effective way to achieve the same look. That’s why faux beams are an excellent choice if you don't have an unlimited budget.

Keep reading to learn more about using faux wood beams for your home transformation.

What makes Faux Beams Popular?

Besides all of the advantages they provide from a functional perspective, faux beams are simply an interesting way to transform your home. Even if you have a space that’s usually neglected – somewhere like your basement or dining area – faux beams can add interest in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

From an aesthetic perspective, faux beams add warmth and depth and not just for a specific area. They enhance the entire room. If you’re looking to implement a more rustic environment, then faux beams are certainly the way to go. They can make your home feel cozier, as well as adding a touch of character – something like a log cabin.

Faux Beams as a Decorating Tool

Traditional ceiling beams are wooden joists that are exposed across the ceiling instead of being boxed in or hidden above the ceiling. However, when it comes to faux beams, the incentive is a little different. Add faux beams as a non-structural ceiling beam as they use materials like plastic or foam. They are simply not heavy enough to hold anything in place.

There are faux beams that can give you the option to add recessed lighting. Textured beams break up a flat ceiling and add a level of intrigue to the decor.

When and why are faux beams used?

Many decorators opt for faux beams for many reasons, but the main reasons tend to be:

  • For extremely high ceilings: Faux beams, just like solid wood beams, can bring the scope of the room down a bit. If you feel like you have a room with a ceiling that’s too high for your liking, then faux beams are a valuable option to solve that problem.
  • Rustic home designs: From farmhouse to Tuscan, many homes have been designed to subtly enhance the decor scheme by adding faux beams to create a naturally warm environment. This particular decor scheme remains one of the most popular on the market today. To achieve the best possible outcome, make sure you choose a textured beam that works with the style of the room you want to revamp.
  • Balance: If you have a home that has dark wood trim or dark wood floors, adding the same-colored faux beams will match the scheme in no time. The repetition of the wood finish will help create a cohesive design.

Faux Beams for Exterior Applications

 Faux Wood Beams – Oak

Don’t make the mistake of thinking faux beams are only suitable for interior projects. Faux beams are just as appropriate for the outdoors. As gardens have become another space to hold meetings and gatherings or to have casual visits or spend some alone time, decorating this space has grown in popularity. This interest has lead homeowners to transform their gardens as much as they do their interior rooms.

This space is where faux beams can come in and achieve a truly stunning look for outdoor spaces. From outdoor rooms like lounges, dining areas, covered patios and porches, trellises, and pergolas, faux beams can dress up any outdoor space. Consider these options to help you design the type of space you wish for.

What’s great about adding faux beams to your outdoor space is that they can match many different design styles. Therefore, if you have a particular design already implemented in your garden, faux beams should work without question. Whether you have a Mediterranean or Italian vibe or something with Victorian influence, faux beams are an excellent choice to blend in.

Why they work so well in garden spaces

Faux wood has many functional benefits – including easy installation, affordability, and being maintenance-free. However, these features don’t just apply to the inside part of your home. Where they have a unique composition, faux beams hold up against the most extreme outdoor elements. Materials are eco-friendly, moisture-resistant, and do not rot, warp, or attract wood-ridden pests that usually exist in real wood.

How they work on porches

Are you thinking of giving your porch a new life? Then faux beams can be a valuable option to do so. If you happen to have a decaying orientated strand board ceiling on your porch, there are ways to renovate it using faux beams.

If you mix faux beams with another decorative tool like polyurethane board panels, you will be able to transform your entire ceiling and create a lodge-style look.

If you want to go a step further and enhance your porch even more, why not use faux beams as columns? This stylish element turns your porch into a welcoming place before anybody even steps foot inside of your home. Rustic columns are a way to bring a porch to life and make it a place of beauty instead of just a bare, flat area. Adding faux beams as columns to your porch is more inviting, and that will allow people to feel happier and secure about entering your home.

Ultimately, faux beams are a great addition to your home, whether you find a place for them inside your house or an area outside in the garden. They come with so many advantages, which should never be overlooked when it comes to renovating parts of your home.

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