Ceiling Tiles That Are Making A Difference

Written by Milan Jara on 10th Mar 2015

When you look at a ceiling tile, like the ones pictured above, you are never really sure what you are looking at. When we put in a ceiling, you can be sure that there is much more than meets the eye. We always try to create ceilings that make a difference in our environment and in your life. How do we do it? We always look for tiles that have something more to offer other than just a pretty face.

Grandma’s Doilies Quartet

Grandma’s Doilies Quartet

Recycled Materials

Many of our ceiling tiles are made from recycled materials. Whether it is a metal tile or an insulated office ceiling tile, we always try to use materials that are recycled. There is much more to this than just being environmentally-friendly. In many cases, tiles made with recycled materials are less expensive than other tiles, yet they offer the same great look and the same durability. We call that “smart ceiling design.”

Environmentally-Friendly Installation Procedures

Sometimes it is the little steps you take that make the biggest difference. For example, we try to do as much of our work in the daylight as possible to avoid burning artificial lights. We use a lot of hand tools because we like the control hand tools offer over power tools, and using hand tools uses no electricity. We also like to reuse materials whenever possible. Of course, our priority is getting the results the client wants, but if we can reuse something and prevent it from going into a landfill, then we will certainly take that step.

Fire-Resistant Ceiling Tiles

When we do work in restaurants and other public buildings, the building codes usually require us to install fire-resistant ceiling tiles. We feel that, when it comes to protecting your family, you would want that same level of protection so we always recommend fire resistant ceiling tiles in our residential installs as well. Sometimes those tiles cost a little more, but we always feel like the investment is worth it.

Energy Saving Ideas

We always like to surprise people by giving them a few ideas to think about with their ceiling projects that will save them money on their energy bills. One easy way for us to lower your energy bills is to install insulated ceiling tiles as low as we can. Vaulted ceilings look magnificent, but they also expand the area of your room and increase your heating bills. With a lower ceiling, we can save you money and even help your new ceiling to pay for itself over time.

As a contractor, you always want to give your clients the best possible value. As an artist, you see the beauty of the world and do what you can to preserve that beauty. We pride ourselves on being able to add more than just a little something extra to each project and make as much of a difference as we can to our customers and to the planet in general. To be honest, finding as many ways as possible to make a difference on each project is one of the things that we challenge ourselves to do for each and every customer.

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