How to Create a Coffered Ceiling?

Posted by Milan Jara on 18th Aug 2021

If you’re at home and you find that you’re becoming tired of your plain room, then nothing beats the traditional look of a coffered ceiling. It adds dimension and character to almost any s … read more

When to Use Nail-Up Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 12th Aug 2021

Are you considering metal or tin ceiling tiles for your next home renovation? Nail-up ceiling tiles can give the room the makeover you’re looking for. This type of ceiling tile is easier to … read more

What is Stronger – Wood Beam or Faux Wood Beams?

Posted by Milan Jara on 12th Aug 2021

Having wooden beams for a decorative purpose always adds charm and sophistication to a room, whether you’ve installed real wood or Faux wood beams. Faux wood beams are a great addition to your … read more

Faux Wooden Beam Ceiling Ideas for Small House

Posted by Milan Jara on 4th Aug 2021

Faux wood beams are an option for many decorators who like to present classic, cottage-style themes in their homes. Despite being ideal for an old and vintage style theme, wooden beams also … read more

Tips and Tools for Cutting Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 4th Aug 2021

When you cover or replace a new ceiling with ceiling tiles, chances are you’re going to need to cut some tiles, especially for the edges and corners. There are various ways to cut through ceil … read more