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We are proud to introduce our premium collection of commercial ceiling tiles that revolutionize ordinary ceilings by creating interiors you and your diners can marvel at!

When you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic of your restaurant, you want the very best. And that’s where we come in.

But why use our ceiling tiles for restaurants? We’ll tell you.

You can easily improve the look of any room by adding great texture and color to ceilings thanks to our high-grade tiles. Plus, we have eye-catching wall panels too – a winning combination.

Ceiling Tiles For Restaurant

Only the Finest Materials

Made from some of the finest materials, you are sure to receive quality whenever you shop with us, and this goes for no matter what you need, including commercial ceiling tiles, wall panels, or other room enhancements.

Our materials are not only made to add beauty and elegance but also with durability in mind. This is perfect when you want rooms to look great without the constant worry of knocks and bashes, especially if you need them for a busy restaurant, ensuring that they stay in prime condition for longer.

When it comes to ceiling tiles made for restaurants, the material can make or break the interior design. With a variety of materials to choose from, you can find the right one to fit your theme from our selection – leaving you with a stunning room for your project.

From tin drop ceilings to aluminum, PVC, and more, we have an abundance of materials to choose from depending on the look you want to create.

Commercial Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels

Designed by Experts

Our team of professionals are on hand to help you find the very best tiles for your projects. Every space is unique, and at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we know this. That’s why we will be with you every step of the way in helping you find the perfect tiles to complement the rest of the existing interior decor.

We offer a wide range of designs to suit all tastes and styles. From a classic, elegant look to modern and bold, we are proud to provide you with our extensive tile collection.

Each tile that we craft is executed with precision and the utmost attention to detail. By shopping with us, you can ensure your rooms look fantastic and stand out compared to the regular, run-of-the-mill tiles you see in many interior designs.

So, why settle for unremarkable ceilings and walls when you can have aesthetically pleasing and expertly designed tiles instead?

Expertly Designed Ceiling Tiles

Commercial Ceiling Tiles That Are Designed To Captivate

When it comes to commercial kitchen ceiling tiles (or other tile types), you want ones that stand out, make a difference, and wow everyone who enters your place of business. Outdated, drab tiles can make any interior look boring and unimaginative. No one wants that!

Thankfully, we have a wide collection of ceiling tiles for restaurants that are ideal for any environment, helping to add that extra sprinkle of personality.

At Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we have a range of glue-up, nail-up, and commercial drop ceiling tiles to provide that added touch to your space. And what’s more, they’re all at extremely affordable prices!

So, whether you want a smooth high gloss white look to add elegance and professionalism to your restaurant or colorful tiles that provide an ornate and elaborate look, we have an almost limitless range of styles to suit your needs.

Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

Irish Pub in California is ready for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Helpful Additions to Your New Ceiling

Making your establishment stand out is one of the best ways to entice more customers.

With tons of great designs to choose from, you are sure to be able to revamp your interior design and align it with the style you prefer.

Are you looking to update your bar front? Look no further than NuMetal. What is Numetal, I hear you ask? Well, in short, it is high-pressure real metal laminate, perfect for providing a more modern look to an interior. With copper, aluminum, and stainless steel variants, you can provide that added spark to bring your dining areas to life.


Another unique product we offer is our Lumisplash line. These are LED-lit custom graphic surfaces to add illuminated works of art to spice up any interior and provide excellent ambiance.


Wall Panels to Enhance Your Ceiling Design

If you’re looking to transform your restaurant, our wall panels are perfectly suitable for adding that extra character, style, and personality that your customers will love – alongside our commercial ceiling tiles.

Our 3D 4x8 and 4x10 wall panels range includes up to 70 designs in 40 colors to suit any restaurant and all the latest interior design trends.

3D 4x8 and 4x10 Wall Panels

They come in many different materials, from wood and PVC to composite materials and everything in between. We craft all our wall panels to ensure they all meet our high standards of quality design and long-lasting durability.

What’s more, we don’t just supply ceiling and wall tiles. We also supply authentic-looking faux wood beams in various textures and finishes so you can create a restaurant that has a fantastic rustic aesthetic.

All in all, it’s no secret that choosing the right panels for your business can sometimes be quite overwhelming. That’s why our wall and ceiling panel specialists are always on hand to answer any queries to ensure your project will look just as you envisioned it.

Help Your Customers Dine in Style

Overall, we have a stunning collection of wall and ceiling decor to add that extra bit of beauty to entice more customers to enter your business. No matter your style, we are bound to have just what you’re looking for at Decorative Ceiling Tiles.

Stunning wall and ceiling decor

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Buy Ceiling Tiles in Bulk & Get 10% - 15% off + Free Shipping

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