How to Install Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles on Stairs

Posted by Milan Jara on 7th Sep 2018

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Who said that faux tin ceiling tiles were only good as backsplash tiles or actual ceilings?

Using faux tin ceiling tiles on your stairs will give you an unforgettable and stylish look the rest of the neighborhood will be jealous of for years to come. Installing faux tin ceiling panels tiles on your stairs is really no different than installing them on your backsplash.

Instead of spending a fortune on actual tin ceiling tiles, opt for a more cost-effective option such as these decorative ceiling tiles that look and act just like the real thing for half of the cost! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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You can transform any set of stairs in no time by adding faux tin ceiling panels to the risers between each step! Here’s how to achieve this look using your own faux tin ceiling tiles:


Tools Needed:

1. Epoxy or nail gun
2. Cutting tool (tin cutters, scissors, etc.)
3. Measuring tape

An important piece of advice: depending on what type of faux tin ceiling tiles you use, you will need to ensure that you have the right cutters for the job. Some faux tin materials may only require scissors while others may require special blades. Be sure to read the instructions for how to cut the faux tin ceiling tiles before gathering your materials.



Types of Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

If you’re ready to take the plunge and spruce up your stairs with faux tin ceiling tiles, you may be wondering what type of faux tin ceiling tiles you should purchase! There are many different types on the market and it is important to choose the one that fits your household’s needs.


Plastic Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Plastic Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

You can get a regal look in your home with plastic faux ceiling tiles. No one will know they aren’t metal ceiling tiles because they look exactly like the real thing! Plastic faux ceiling tiles are easy to install because they don’t require heavy installing materials!

These faux tin ceiling tiles are also much more affordable than actual tin ceiling tiles!


PVC Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

PVC Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

PVC faux tin ceiling tiles are very similar to plastic faux tin ceiling tiles. They have an easy installation process that you can check out here. They are also very affordable compared to real tin ceiling tiles. You can easily purchase these in smaller sizes to fix your stair risers perfectly. The durable PVC material will ensure that the everyday wear and tear the stair risers receive will be met with durability in the PVC faux tin ceiling tiles without compromising style.


Wallpaper Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Wallpaper Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

We like the option of wallpaper faux tin ceiling tiles because they are affordable and extremely easy to install. All you need to do is peel and stick the wallpaper to your stair risers to give the look of real tin ceiling tiles.


Styrofoam Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

  • Styrofoam Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

  • Styrofoam Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Another great option for faux tin ceiling tiles for your stair’s makeover is a Styrofoam faux tin ceiling tile. These faux tiles are extremely durable and will give your stair risers the look you desire. You apply these to the desired surface with a strong adhesive that will keep the tiles from slipping and you’re all set! If the color that the Styrofoam faux tin ceiling tiles come in aren’t really your desired look but you love the design, you can easily paint them to match your décor. Just be sure to use a primer after you clean the Styrofoam before applying your coat of paint.



How to Install


1. Measure Your Stair Risers

This is an important first step. You should measure your stair risers to find out how many faux tin ceiling tiles you will need. A good rule of thumb is that you will need one faux tin ceiling tile per stair but this will change depending on what type of faux tin ceiling tile material you end up choosing.


2. Choose Your Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

The beauty of using faux tin ceiling tiles is the versatility you will find in the selection process. From a wide variety of colors, styles, patterns, and textures, you will be able to find something that easily matches your decor style.


3. Get Ready for Cutting

You will need to measure the faux tin ceiling tiles to get them ready for cutting. Depending on the way the faux tin ceiling tiles came premade, you may need to cut the sheets in smaller sections and connect them on the actual stair riser. Once you’ve determined the size you need for the riser, cut the faux tin ceiling tiles to fit your needs.


4. Apply your Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Pro tip: Start from the middle (using measurements) to ensure that you don’t end up with a wonky design layout of the tiles. This is a very similar technique as applying ceiling tiles to an actual ceiling.

Applying your faux tin ceiling tiles to your stairs will completely depend on what type of material of faux tin ceiling tiles you purchase. You will either use an epoxy adhesive nail gun or a combination of the two. Read the manufacturer’s instruction and guidelines for installing the faux tin ceiling tiles. Ensure that the surface you are applying the tiles to is clean and dry before installing. Then, you can simply follow the same instructions that you would use to apply the tiles to your kitchen backsplash.

Now that you know what type of faux tin ceiling tiles you need for your new stairs makeover and how to install them properly, you’re ready to make your stairs the talk of the town. Whether you go with a faux copper or faux whitewashed ceiling tin tile look, you can create the look and feel you desire with faux tin ceiling tiles.

Your stairs will especially benefit from this kind of makeover if they are the focal point of your entryway! Nothing says style like tiled stair risers when you first walk in. These faux tin ceiling tiles can help your stairs transform from drab to fab in no time.

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