Easy Summertime Activities for Kids

Written by Milan Jara on 19th May 2015

The weather is getting warmer and that means the school year will soon be over for your little ones. While parents all love their children, it can be a challenge to have the kids around all summer long. Instead of dreading summer, we are offering parents some fun activities they can do with their kids to make summer go by much faster and get back to the sweet silence of the school year.

Kids Love Summertime

Photo By: Lida (Flickr)

Try A Backyard Obstacle Course

Kids love a challenge and you can create an obstacle course in your own backyard that is safe and fun, and gets the kids out of the house and away from the video games. You can tie a rope across two sticks stuck in the ground and use that as a hurdle. You can set up a series of hurdles and then flip over the picnic table to act as a climbing wall. Keep the obstacles simple and easy to avoid injury, but fun enough to keep your kids running around in the backyard.

How About Nature Photography?

Kids see birds, bugs, and trees all day long on television, on the Internet, and in their school books. When you take the time to actually show your kids the real deal, chances are pretty good they will be impressed. You can use your digital camera or smartphone to help your kids start collecting pictures of nature that they can either post online, or print out and make into a collage. You can even create a nature photography bingo game and offer your kids prizes for collecting pictures of the nature that surrounds them.

Water Balloon Fights

Kids have a lot of energy, and one way to get them to burn off that energy during the summer is to have them chase each other around during a water balloon fight. This is probably the easiest, most effective summertime activity that a parent can use to keep their children occupied for hours with a safe, but fun, game.

Plant A Garden

Planting a garden can take a little patience, but your kids will be hooked when those plants start poking up from the ground. Mark off a small part of the backyard and start digging it up with your children. The chances are very strong they will love digging in the dirt. If you really want gardening to become popular with your kids, then plant a flower that shows results quickly. For example, marigolds will start to show a sprout relatively soon after you plant them and that first sprout is all you will need to pique your child’s interest. When those marigolds start blooming later in the summer, you’ll have created a gardening monster.

Kids love the summertime because there is no school, no schedules, and the world looks like their oyster. But parents find summertime a challenge because it is not always easy to get kids to stay out of trouble when they have no structure to keep them in line. When you put your mind to it, you can come up with plenty of activities that will keep your kids safe and out of harm’s way all summer long.

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