Easy Home Changes to Make Before Selling

Written by Milan Jara on 21st Oct 2014

You cleaned your house and mowed your lawn just prior to having prospective buyers come through your home to look it over. But despite everything you have done, the buyers still express doubts as to whether your home is the one for them. Instead of feeling like lashing out at picky buyers, we suggest that you make these simple changes before showing your home.

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Get a New Ceiling

You didn’t think I was going to let this opportunity go by without recommending a new ceiling, did you? The beautiful thing about Decorative Ceiling Tiles is that you can achieve a completely different ceiling look, without having to go ahead and take on the cost or the work associated with doing a complete renovation. By using ceiling tiles in your re-design, you can create a signature ceiling in your room, that is sure to be a conversation piece that any prospective buyer will love.

Paint the Porch

If you have a wooden porch, then you have the perfect chance to significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. One of the first things a potential new buyer sees at your home is the porch. When you put a new coat of paint or stain on your porch, you can give your home a glistening look that will make it more appealing.

Spruce Up the Bathroom

One of the rooms in your home that gets a close look from potential buyers is the bathroom. If you want to make a good impression on those buyers, then take a few minutes to spruce up your bathroom and make it more inviting. You can put up a new shower curtain and new window curtains, install a new toilet seat, and even install a small set of shelves on open wall space that would add a little storage space to your bathroom.

Get a Hanging Chandelier for Your Dining Room

Instead of a standard light fixture for your dining room, you should hang a chandelier instead. You can buy an inexpensive chandelier that looks like real crystal that has a wall plug on it. All you would have to do is find a way to camouflage the power cable and make sure that the hook you install into the ceiling is sturdy.

Put New Hardware in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another room where your potential buyers will cast a very discerning eye. A quick way to give the kitchen a little kick is to replace the cabinet knobs and hinges with brand-new hardware. If you are feeling ambitious, then you could also paint your cabinets and give them a fresh, new look.

Plant Flowers Along Your Walkway

You can add some color to your home’s curb appeal by lining your front walkway with colorful flowers. Your local home improvement warehouse carries the flowers you need, and they are already grown for you. All you need to do is dig the holes and put the flowers in the ground. Choose a bright color or try some colors that compliment each other.

You would be surprised at what kinds of seemingly petty things potential home buyers can get caught up on when walking through a house. All you need to do is put in a little effort before you start showing your house and you should be able to sell your home quickly.

- Milan Jara

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