9 Simple Coffered Ceiling Ideas That are Elevated & Elegant

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Jun 2022

Coffered Ceiling Idea

Want to make your home more upscale? These simple coffered ceilings will elevate your room, making it appear more elegant overall.

When looking to upgrade your home, there are several options that you can choose to incorporate. One option involves creating a simple coffered ceiling to transform a boring, everyday room into something timeless, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing.

Coffered ceilings are becoming popular in today’s homes. Even if your current dwelling doesn’t have this architectural feature, one can be added later by either doing it yourself or hiring a contractor to install it for you.

9 Simple Coffered Ceiling Ideas to Elevate Your Room

Coffered Ceiling

How can simply adding a coffered ceiling transform any room? Coffered ceilings don’t have to be exceptionally elaborate to make a room appear more elegant. Depending on the décor, the ceiling can be very simple yet provide enough visual interest to elevate the look.

  • Eggshell Elegant. Elegant interior designs often include clean lines, sophisticated, simple aesthetics, and tasteful accents. By adding a coffered ceiling with large squares and rectangles paired with a drop chandelier, you can elevate this style of décor, making the room appear even grander than it already is. The ceiling should be white to create an airy appeal.
  • Minimalistic Sleek. A room can appear elegant and elevated with this sleek coffered design. Paint the walls dark grey and add to the sleek appeal with light wooden flooring and slate grey paneling.
  • A dark grey ceiling with wide squares and clean lines enhances the minimalistic look of the room. Install a contemporary chandelier to complete the look.

  • Delightful Dining Room. Coffered ceilings are great at separating spaces and work well in open concept homes. By adding a recessed coffered ceiling to a dining room, you can add a bit of simplicity and separateness to the area while also elevating the design. This look has a basic white coffered ceiling design to accent medium wood furnishing.
  • Hang a light lantern chandelier over an elongated dining table. A large, rectangular mirror with a brass frame completes the look.

  • Metallic Madness. This recessed coffered ceiling design is great for the dining room. Try adding a recessed square area with cross-hatched coffered ceiling beams over the dining table. Hang a pendant light fixture in the center of the eating area. Paint the ceiling a stark white to contrast the beams.
  • You can choose to install metal or aluminum beams to the ceiling. You can also paint the trim with shiny metallic paint for the same appearance. The shine from the paint draws the eye upward, adding additional height to a room. This idea works well for areas with large windows that receive a great deal of natural light.

  • Lofty Luxury Entrances. Generate an elegant and gorgeous traditional coffered ceiling design by pairing different shapes, creating a unique design as opposed to doing something in a mixture of rectangles and squares. For homes that contain taller ceilings, intricate designs look great in the room.
  • This entryway provides a luxurious appeal by having a diamond-shaped coffered ceiling in the center. A series of custom-cut large, coffered squares, which fit around the diamond shape, are in the center. The ceiling can be painted a medium shade of grey to contrast the stark white outline of the beams, creating more grandeur in the foyer.

    The absence of a highlight paint in a large entryway will make the ceiling go unnoticed in homes with high ceilings. So, take advantage of the vaulted ceilings by making them a focal point.

  • Coffered Layers of Luxury. This design is a great way to highlight a feature in a room. Layered coffered ceilings are a beautiful way to showcase dimensions by using complementary colors and different hues.
  • For example, you can use a darker gold for the highest ceiling part, a warm tan for a middle layer, and then beige to match your walls for the remainder of the ceiling. It provides an illusion that the ceiling goes on forever like a tunnel.

  • Daring Dark Stained Trims. Nothing is bolder than having a white ceiling paired with a dark wooden beamed trim. The contrast makes the ceiling stand out and provides a luxurious appeal. Furthermore, you can use it with many types of home décor, ranging from modern to farmhouse appeal.
  • The look upgrades a home because it is durable and expensive. Stained trimmed beams have similar high-end appearances and durability when placed on the ceiling. Darker beam shades highlight the beauty of the ceiling providing stark contrasts. It makes the high points of the ceiling appear taller than they are.

  • Highlighted Accents. Coffered ceilings can add visual appeal and class by using an accent color for the panels. To add a bit of a breezier look for a room with gold and dark green accents accompanied by neutral tones, paint the panels a dark green. The beams should be painted white for interest.
  • The coffered panel shade provides depth to your ceiling, making the room look taller, while the white makes the room look more inviting and airier. Furthermore, dark panels provide a great reason to incorporate recessed lighting. This will highlight the shade where shadows make it appear black but distribute light evenly to the room.

  • Curve Appeal. In houses with an open layout, as mentioned, coffered ceilings create separation. To further this and create an elegant look, consider adding curved beams to define the space.
  • This design is especially useful in the kitchen. Simple curves offer the impression of archways or doorways, allowing people to distinguish between various areas. It emphasizes focal points, and in a kitchen, you can use it to highlight counter space.


These simple coffered ceiling ideas can help you elevate a room and make it appear to be very elegant. It is amazing how adding or changing tiny details in a coffered ceiling can make a difference. Whether it is using contrasting colors, varying shapes, or adding arches, it is easy to elevate any space and increase the value of your home.

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