The Biggest Hotel Chains in the World by Number of Locations

The hospitality industry took a hit during the pandemic but is thriving today, with major hotel chains seeing large increases in not only revenue but the number of hotels they maintain around the world. Some of the world’s largest hotels have added upward of a thousand new hotel locations to their portfolios in just the past year, making the biggest and best hotel chains even more powerful and widespread. With a new hotel popping up on seemingly every corner, which hotel chain is the biggest in the world?

The team at Decorative Ceiling Tiles analyzed hotel data to find out the largest hotels in the world. To determine which hotel brands are the largest, the team used each hotel company’s total number of hotels. Using this information, they compiled a list of the 20 biggest hotel chains in the world. Explore the findings of our research to see which hotel groups are the world’s largest hotel chains by number of locations.


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Which Hotel Chain Has the Most Hotels in the World?

The hotel company with the most hotels is Jin Jiang International, a Chinese tourism and hospitality company with 11,959 locations around the world as of 2021. The number of hotel locations increased 11% since 2020, when they had 10,695 hotels around the world. Some of the hotel companies under Jin Jiang International include J., Yan Garden, Jin Jiang, Kunlun, Radisson Blu, Golden Tulip, Metropolo, Campanile, Kyriad, Première Classe, Lavande, and Vienna International. While a majority of their hotels are located in China, their properties can also be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. With so many locations around the world, Jin Jiang International earned a sizable amount of revenue, $11.08 billion, over the past year.

The 10 Hotel Groups With the Most Hotels

  1. Jin Jiang International: 11,959
  2. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: 9,280
  3. Marriott International: 8,484
  4. H World Group Limited: 8,176
  5. Huazhu Hotels Group: 7,830
  6. Choice Hotels International: 7,500
  7. Hilton Worldwide: 7,165
  8. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG): 6,164
  9. BTG Hotels Group: 5,916
  10. Accor Group: 5,300

Which Hotel Chain Makes the Most Money?

The Marriott International hotel chain generated $20.77 billion in revenue over the past year, the most of all of the hotel companies on our list. The popular hotel brand saw a 66% increase over the prior year’s revenue of $13.85 billion, bringing in the hotel brand’s third highest amount of revenue since 2001. Marriott’s best year was 2016, when the company earned $22.89 billion. Will they surpass this massive amount of revenue in 2023? With travel and prices on the rise, they just may.

Which Hotel Chain Has the Most Rooms?

The hotel chain with the most hotel rooms is Marriott International, with more than 1.4 million hotel rooms around the globe. Marriott’s net room growth saw an increase of 3.6% in 2022, and the hotel company is predicting a room growth of 4.5% in 2023 now that a majority of their hotels have more than fully recovered from the pandemic. Even though Marriott holds the title for the most hotel rooms in the world, they only rank third for number of locations with 8,484 hotels around the world.

Which Hotel Chain Has the Most Locations in the United States?

The largest hotel in the U.S. by number of locations is Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, with 6,083 locations across the country. Hotels under the Wyndham hotel brand can be found in every state in the nation. Texas has the most Wyndham locations in the U.S., with 688 locations, or 11% of the total number of hotels they have in America. How does Wyndham rank when it comes to the number of hotel locations in the world? Wyndham has 9,280 different hotels around the world, the second-most of any hotel company. The 22 hotel brands that operate under Wyndham Hotels & Resorts can be found in 95 countries around the world.

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The 20 Biggest Hotel Chains in the World, Ranked by Number of Locations

Hotel Company Headquarters Number of Hotels 2022 Revenue (in Billions)
1 Jin Jiang International China 11,959 $11.08
2 Wyndham Hotels & Resorts USA 9,280 $1.49
3 Marriott International USA 8,484 $20.77
4 H World Group Limited China 8,176 $2.05
5 Huazhu Hotels Group China 7,830 $2.02
6 Choice Hotels International USA 7,500 $1.40
7 Hilton Worldwide USA 7,165 $8.77
8 InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) England 6,164 $3.89
9 BTG Hotels Group China 5,916 $5.27
10 Accor Group France 5,300 $2.49
11 GreenTree Hospitality Group USA 5,000 $0.18 (2021)
12 BWH Hotel Group USA 4,500 $0.68
13 Aimbridge Hospitality USA 1,517 $2.60
14 Sonesta International Hotels USA 1,143 $0.87
15 G6 Hospitality USA 1,409 $2.40
16 Hyatt Hotels Corporation USA 1,200 $5.89
17 Radisson Hotel Group USA 1,100 $3.20
18 Whitbread England 840 $2.27
19 Westmont Hospitality Group Canada 795 $0.27
20 Extended Stay America USA 760 $1.02 (2021)


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