The Best Places to Buy Diamond Plate Vinyl Sheets

Written by Milan Jara on 2nd Mar 2022

Diamond Plate Vinyl

Diamond plate vinyl sheets have many applications around the house. Regardless of your home’s style or color palette, this versatile material looks great in any home.

What is the fascination with a diamond plate or chequer plate vinyl, and how is it used? These embossed sheets are very lightweight and easy to install, making them a popular choice for low-impact applications and walls. This product has incredible strength and durability, and it resists corrosion, so it is a popular choice and so easy to find!

Why Diamond Plate Vinyl Sheeting?

If you are looking for a product that will last a long time, consider diamond plate vinyl sheeting. The material itself is strong, resists corrosion, and is easy to clean. They are visually appealing, affordable, and have multiple uses.

Since this material is so versatile, it has various uses ranging from industrial applications to home decor. People commonly use them inside houses as wall paneling or borders or in an office.

This material is a creative way to incorporate a wall panel into a garage or home. You can have them cut to your specifications, and they are an easy DIY project. They will not fade over time like other wall applications.

Using this material as a mat or tiling makes a room look bigger and adds a unique flair to your indoor space. If you want to cover your entire floor with aluminum tiles, you may want to select wainscoting.

You can get an even bigger impact by adding a bold paint color to part of the wall to create contrast. Then, install a diamond plate wainscoting to the remaining half of the wall for an eye-catching industrial appeal.

With outdoor grills and barbeques, you can place a diamond plate film under or around the area. It looks great and appears very industrial. It adds traction, protects tiles from damage and grease, and is easier to clean.

Another application is using it as decorative artwork throughout the house by cutting it into various shapes and piecing them together. People add diamond plate vinyl into shower stalls and man caves, too.

You can incorporate this great product into garage walls, mechanical rooms, fitness centers, food trucks, cafeterias, trailer manufacturing companies, car washes, storage facilities, and grow facilities for industrial or commercial use.

What Colors and Finishes Does it Come in?

Diamond Plate Vinyl

There are several types and colors to choose from. Finding one for the perfect application is not difficult. Diamond plate vinyl sheets come in:

  1. High Polish Diamond Plate. This will provide an impressive mirror-like surface finish and sheen to your project.
  2. Metallic Grey Diamond Plate. A bit less shiny, this material provides an industrial appearance to your area.
  3. Gloss Black Diamond Plate. This material is smooth and glossy, designed for clean, minimalistic, and modern spaces.
  4. Race Red Diamond Plate. A simple red finish is added to the plating.

Best Places to Buy Diamond Plate Vinyl Sheets

Diamond Plate Vinyl - White

You can purchase this type of sheeting or paneling anywhere. However, the following places are best known for friendly service, and they have a good selection to choose from.

  1. Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Diamond plate vinyl sheets are available in gloss, brushed aluminum, bronze, copper, gold, silver, mirror, along with other colors and finishes.
  2. Home Depot. Their sheets are hypoallergenic and resist corrosion, mildew, stains, and rust. They are easy to cut and very flexible. Lightweight by design, they are easy to customize and cut, eliminating the requirement for a contractor as you can do the installation using scissors, a tape measure, and a PL tube adhesive.
  3. Amazon. If you have a specific look in mind, you may want to consider Amazon. They have many styles, cuts, and colors in this material. It has the greatest diversity and can be quickly delivered right to your door.
  4. Online Diamond Plate. These sheets are embossed and lightweight, making them easier to use on walls. They are available in 0.025” thickness and use 3104 aluminum to provide them with superior strength and durability. They are available in three different sizes and come in four colors.
  5. Menards. This store offers diamond plate vinyl sheeting in 4 x 8 wall panels. They are resistant to water and will withstand high traffic areas. Finishes range from modern to industrial to traditional. Menards has the best versatility for any style of house.
  6. Architectural Depot. Available in pewter, copper, bronze, matte, gloss, steel, galvanized steel, silver, and nickel, these sheets come in up to 16 different colors.
  7. Koffer Sales. These sheets are commercial grade, high-quality solid aluminum. They come in a self-adhering peel and stick design, or you can apply them using a trowel. These are resistant to petroleum products, grease, oil, antifreeze, and most household chemicals, and you can use them for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

How Do You Install Them?

Diamond Plate Vinyl - Copper

You can install these sheets using contact cement. Paint the cement onto the wall as well as the back of the sheets. You should cover at least 70-80% of the surfaces. Allow a few minutes for the cement to tack. Lift the vinyl sheet to the wall. Beginning at one side, slowly move your hand from the top of the sheet to the bottom, applying pressure all along the edges. Slide your hand to the opposite end of the sheet, making sure you are covering the entire area. Install screw fasteners on each corner or in the middle of the sheet for added stability.

Vinyl floor tape is a double stick roll of tape. Apply it to the back of your diamond plate vinyl sheet along the middle, bottom, and top. Put it close to the wall and remove the transfer tape paper. Starting at one end, use smooth, even pressure to stick the tape to the wall, and insert screw fasteners for extra security.

Self-tapping screws are ideal for anchoring the sheets into concrete or wood. Avoid using them for drywall as they may release over time (unless you use glue adhesive). Put one screw at the top of the sheet, then go to the middle or bottom to place another screw. Be sure to flatten your sheet for the second screw to avoid rippling. Return to the top of the sheet where you began and place another screw. Repeat as needed.

Using liquid nail glue is similar to contact cement. Apply it to your sheet and the wall. Start from one end and gently apply pressure down the sheet so it adheres to the wall.

Now you know the best locations to buy diamond plate vinyl sheets and how to install them. The best thing about this design is that it comes in a variety of options, colors, and finishes. They can be incorporated into any style and have a diversity of applications.

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