Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Dec 2019

Faux Wood Beams – Light Walnut

There has been a major surge in the popularity of rustic aesthetics in home decor.

While there was a long-lasting trend in interior design to make indoor spaces seem modern and untouched, people are once again craving the inviting warmth and charm of rustic decor.

The rustic aesthetic makes use of exposed wood and distressed paint to make a home feel like it has been lived in. People want to walk into their homes and feel like they’re walking into a traditional farmhouse or cozy log cabin.

With the right tips and tricks, you can add that rustic feel without having to live out in the country or in a secluded lake house. There are plenty of modern ways to incorporate rustic home decor without having to undergo an expensive, large-scale renovation.



How Can I Give My Space Rustic Charm Without Blowing My Budget?

If you want to reinvent your space to feel more rustic but you are afraid it will cost you a fortune, you’re not alone. Design elements like massive exposed wood beams and archways associated with the rustic aesthetic seem too expensive to recreate. Luckily, modern materials allow you to easily and affordably update your space and add the warmth and character of exposed wood.

Below, we list some of the best ways to bring rustic interior design elements into your home.



Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams – Dark Walnut

Faux wood beams are a cost-effective way to add the character and charm of wood to your ceilings. Essentially, these decorative beams accent your ceilings and perfectly replicate the look and feel of natural wood beams.

With faux wood beams, you can easily add a great deal of sophistication to one of the most overlooked areas of any room. So often we focus on our walls and floors, completely ignoring our ceilings. By making your ceilings a focal point of your room, you draw the eyes of your guests upwards and make your space more memorable and inspiring.

Advantages of Faux Wood Beams

There are plenty of advantages to choosing faux wood beams over solid beams made of natural wood.

  1. Cost – Faux wood beams are significantly less expensive than natural wood. Wooden beams are extremely expensive to purchase and transport, faux wood beams are not.
  2. Ease of Installation – Compared to natural wood beams, faux wood is far easier to install. Because faux beams are significantly lighter, they are much easier to work with. You do not even need the services of a professional to install faux wood beams.
  3. Versatility – Faux wood beams come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and grain types. If there is a particular style you are trying to mimic, you can easily find the right faux wood beam for the job.
  4. Practicality – Faux wood beams have hollow interiors so you can use them to conceal electrical wires and pipes that might otherwise conflict with your rustic theme and décor.

Exposed wood beams are one of the most iconic elements of rustic home décor. With faux wood beams, you give your space the same homey feel without the immense cost and hassle associated with installing real wood beams.

Faux wood beams are not limited to being used as ceiling beams. Because they are designed to be nearly indistinguishable from natural wood, they can be used for more up-close applications. Consider bordering a fireplace or doorway with faux wood beams or using them to conceal and transform unattractive support beams in a basement or retail space.

By introducing large wooden beams into your home, you easily replicate the charm of a country home or cottage.

Faux Wood Beam Options

Faux Wood Beams – Dark Walnut

There are so many options when it comes to faux wood beams. Whether you want a plain wood beam you can stain yourself or one that perfectly replicates the appearance of a specific style of natural wood, there’s a beam out there for you.

We encourage you to browse our catalog and find the right faux beam to compliment your rustic décor.

Explore your options and get inspired by the following LINK.

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We have also provided an article detailing some of the ways you can use faux wood beams to give your home a rustic feel. Whether you want to update your kitchen or fill the void in your vaulted ceilings, you’ll find the inspiration you need by following the link to our article Give Your Home a Rustic Feel With Fake Wood Beams.

Introduce Warm Natural Light Into Your Space

Another way to make your home feel more rustic is to make sure you are not using overly harsh lighting. You want your home to have a nice glow rather than a cold and sterile look. Use lamps and dimmers that make the rooms in your home seem like they are being lit by candlelight.

Incorporate Distressed Wood and Paint

If you are going for a rustic vibe, you want your home to look like it has been lived in. A simple trick is to make your décor look old. Old pieces of lumber and cracked paint can make an item look like it has been used for years.

Reclaimed wood gives a space a real authentic feel. A few shelves or a statement piece, such as a reclaimed wood coffee table, can make all the difference.

Another way to incorporate these design elements into your home is to keep an eye out for antiques. You can always update an old piece of furniture with a new coat of paint or a stain. Old furniture can really help bring your rustic aesthetic together.



Do Not Forget About Stone

Bow 2ft. x 2ft. Seamless Glue-up Wall Panel (48 Sq. Ft. / Pack)

Stone is another effective way to introduce rustic vibes into your home. Transform a backsplash or accent wall with faux stone to give your place an elegant look.

We offer plenty of wall panels that are meant to replicate the look and feel of interlocking stone.

Find them HERE.

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