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Written by Milan Jara on 22nd Dec 2020

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We’re learning to live with COVID-19 right now as the virus has spread all around the world, and protecting ourselves has become even more necessary. That’s where a protective partition comes in, giving you that extra comfort in knowing there is a physical barrier between you and the people around you.

If you work in an office or anywhere that requires sitting in a room with other people, you should seriously consider a protective partition.

The Purpose of a Protective Partition Divider

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We’re now living in a social distancing era where we wear masks and practice physical separation by staying several feet apart from each other and where lockdowns have burdened the world in more ways than one. Despite masks being a necessary step during this pandemic, many people want more protection so that they can keep themselves and their families safe and healthy.

A room divider is a perfect solution for offices, restaurants, health facilities, and even for your home if you intend to have guests and your local government is not mandating physical separation. Not only is this a functional piece of equipment, but it also comes in different designs, including a variety of colors and materials. Dividers can also be custom-made with a high-quality finish so it looks great and is a part of a vibrant and safe environment at the same time.

A room divider or barrier is a great way to keep social distancing in check as it is extra support in preventing germs from spreading from one person to another. If used correctly, and if more people invest in this useful tool, our fight against COVID-19 may become even more effective.

Our  Deco Defender Fusion Protective Partition is a protective partition barrier made with LuxCorePlus.

What is LuxCorePlus?

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LuxCorePlus is a translucent FRP panel with a white backer and a substrate that contains visible fibers. A benefit to using LuxCorePlus as a primary partition is that it’s scratch resistant and highly durable - making it great wall protection in crowded settings.

The material is easy to clean, and the substrate passes sanitary codes. You can even place this divider in wet environments like your kitchen and bathroom.

Further features of our Deco Defender partitioning include:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Components cleanable with heavy-duty cleaners
  • Made in the USA using aluminum frames and translucent FRP

Our Deco Defender has been tested and data shows it is safe with anti-viral disinfectants that are used to kill the COVID-19 virus. The Diversey Hygiene Company performed tests on our  MirroFlex product, wiping it with and soaking it in three disinfectants: Oxivir Five 16, Virex Plus, and Virex TB. Some of these are listed as safe to use against COVID-19 by the EPA.

When it comes to a divider or physical barrier, nothing is more important than the practical side of it. Before anything else, it has to be effective. Without that, the product is useless and might as well be a window. But, don’t let that prevent you from choosing an inspiring design. At Decorative Ceiling Tiles, we have many designs for you to choose from.

We have a range of patterns and colors available, from Bristol Blue to Malaga Red and Graphite Gray to Chroma Omicron. There are patterns and textures to take advantage of, too. Don’t let a divider just be a divider, let it be a positive, inspiring, and creative piece of equipment for you and others to enjoy.

Ultimately, our  Deco Defender should help you can protect yourself and your loved ones against COVID-19 and other germs that spread this time of year, but it can also serve as a decorative accent while playing this important role. Use it as a way to decorate a room for a better home design effect – whether it’s a decorative model or an accent piece that adds character to your room or office space.

Other Reasons Why Room Dividers or Barriers Can Benefit You

Not only do these products exist to offer some protection against the spread of germs and viruses but you may just want more space and privacy. That’s why these dividers have been around long before COVID-19 started affecting all our lives. People used to want them only to have more privacy while in a high-traffic area.

These types of protective partitions, dividers, and barriers work to section off large rooms into classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces of varying size. They work as temporary walls - a necessary step for carving out separate spaces and sectioning of a work table or desk so that we can use them for our benefit.

Another reason to purchase a divider or barrier is so you can block out distractions and focus when you’re working from home. With a divider, you can create a separate space so you can let your family or roommates know that you have a designated workspace.

Partitioning off sections for work zones not only helps you, but it also keeps everybody who lives under the same roof as you a little more organized. Everyone knows which space is for work, which is for play, and which is communal.

That said, depending on the partition size, they fold away or are easily stored so there is no reason why you cannot clear it up after your work is done for the day to announce to everyone you are off the clock.


As you can see, there is another way to help combat the spread of COVID-19. A protective partition, like a divider or barrier, can help stop the spread of this virus. Order our Deco Defender today for more protection and a piece of inspiring decor for your home.

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