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Styrofoam Crown Moldings

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When it comes to finishing any home ceiling or room remodeling project, nothing beats crown molding. But many homeowners avoid crown molding because it is expensive and difficult to work with. Decorative Ceiling Tiles has a line of ceiling moldings that will solve the problem of expensive and difficult crown molding. Our decorative foam products look just like the real thing, but they make installation and maintenance very easy.

We invite you to browse our online store and compare our foam crown molding products to the pricing of real crown molding and see why you should give our products a try. You can use our foam products indoors or outdoors, and you can paint them any color you want. In the end, our Styrofoam molding could be the best design investment you will ever make.

One of the big reasons why you should buy our foam molding is because we make the entire installation process very simple. Our foam crown molding is very light and very easy to cut. You won’t need to bribe a couple of friends with pizza to get them to come over and help you put up this crown molding because you can do the whole thing yourself.

When you shop in our online store, you will see a wide variety of crown molding designs to choose from. Our Styrofoam crown molding comes in many different designs and patterns. From very practical molding to something that really enhances the design element in your room, you are sure to find something that meets your approval.

Our polystyrene crown molding is made in Germany to extremely high quality standards. It is not affected by moisture, and it comes in segments that are 6 1/2 feet long. The longer segments mean that you can put up this Styrofoam crown molding and avoid having a lot of unsightly seams in the finished product. We also have plenty of online resources you can use to fill in those seams and get the very most out of your crown molding project.

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