How Ceiling Tiles are Made

Rose Window Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

The process for manufacturing ceiling tiles depends on what kind of tile it is. Some common types that Decorative Ceiling Tiles sells are made from a huge range of materials and styles. The different materials aren't all made in the same way.

Tin ceilings are a historic style, but the process of making them has changed a lot over the centuries. These days, 3D printers create a molded stamp with the ceiling tile design. A hydraulic press applies thousands of pounds of pressure into the tin to stamp the design into its surface. Many tiles have a similar look to tin ceilings, but they're made from different materials. They're still pressed with molded stamps, and sometimes the tin is embellished with something like a copper glaze or aluminum plating. Wood tiles are usually machine-tooled and carved, while PVC and other plastic materials are made by melting down the material and running it through a machine that presses it flat.