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Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles - (Commercial & Residential)

206 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up 201 Antique Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
106 Brushed Brass Glue-up 205 White Pearl Glue-up
106 Antique Copper Glue-up 204 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
205 Antique Copper Glue-up 208 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
210 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up 112 Antique Copper Glue-up
148 Antique Copper Glue-up 150 Antique Copper Glue-up
205 Copper Glue-up 201 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
225 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up 220 Black Drop-in/Glue-up
148 Black Glue-up 205 Black Glue-up
223 Black Drop-in/Glue-up 204 Black D/Glue-up
210 Black Drop-in/Glue-up 223 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
205 Antique Silver Glue-up 210 Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
148 Silver Glue-up 210 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up
148 White Matte Glue-up 148 White Pearl Glue-up
208 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up 205 White Matte Glue-up
222 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up 206 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up
204 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up 210 Antique Brass Drop-in/Glue-up
225 Antique Gold Drop-in/Glue-up 223 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
215 Antique Gold Drop-in 217 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
142 Antique Copper Glue-up
209 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
221 Antique Brass Drop-in/Glue-up
221 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
218 Antique Gold Glue-up
150 Antique Gold Glue-up
150 Silver Glue-up
117 Antique Silver Glue-up
223 Antique Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
223 Brushed Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
223 Antique Brass Drop-in/Glue-up
206 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
210 Antique Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
210 Brushed Brass Drop-in/Glue-up
210 White Pearl Drop-in/Glue-up
204 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
204 Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
231 Antique Copper Glue-up
231 Antique Gold Glue-up
231 Antique Silver Glue-up
236 Antique Copper Drop-in
238 Antique Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
222 Antique Brass Drop-in/Glue-up
222 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
225 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
148 White Pearl Glue-up
205 Antique Gold Glue-up
258 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
248 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
F7 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
F7 Antique Brass Drop-in/Glue-up
F7 Antique Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
F7 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
223 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up
210 Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
VC 02 Antique Gold Drop-in
VC 02 Antique Copper Drop-in
210 Antique Silver Drop-in/Glue-up
505 Antique Copper Drop-in
505 Antique Brass Drop-in (24"x48")
505 White Matte Drop-in
215 Antique Copper Drop-in
DCT 03 Aged Copper Drop-in
DCT 04 Patina Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 04 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 05 Aged Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 06 Aged Copper Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 06 Antique White Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 10 Antique Taupe Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 10 Graphite Gold Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 10 Old Black White Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 10 Patina Drop-in/Glue-up
DCT 04 Old Black White Drop-in/Glue-up
210 Antique Copper Drop-in/Glue-up (24"x48")
222 White Matte Drop-in/Glue-up (24"x48")


Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles ( Residential )

All of these are in-stock in plain white, they are not painted. Finishing is available, it takes 3 extra business days. Colors are available on product pages.
R01 R02
R 05 R06
R07 R08
R11 R 13
R14 R 21
R 22 R24
R25 R28c
R30 R31
R32c R34
R37 R43
R47 R55
R60 R74
R82 R103
R104 R115
R139 R187



Hand Painted Styrofoam Tiles

All of these in in-stock are hand painted Styrofoam tiles, and these need 24-48 hours to be painted.
R01 Breath of Fresh Air R02 Antique Brass
R 05 Antique Copper R07 Black Brass
R08 Antique Gold R30 Copper Patina
R13 Gold Mass R 24 Red
R14 Black Copper R25 Hancok Green



Aluminum Backsplash ( Residential or Commercial )

0604 Mill Finish 0604 Clear


DIY Crown Moldings

351 White Glue-up 352 White Glue-up
353 White Glue-up 354 White Glue-up
355 White Glue-up 356 White Glue-up
451 White Glue-up 452 White Glue-up
453 White Glue-up 454 White Glue-up
455 White Glue-up 456 White Glue-up
551 White Glue-up 552 White Glue-up
553 White Glue-up 554 White Glue-up
555 White Glue-up 556 White Glue-up



Faux Tin Backsplash Rolls

WC10 Antique Silver WC10 Antique Brass
WC10 White Pearl WC10 Antique Copper
WC10 Cream Pearl WC10 Antique Gold
WC20 Antique Copper WC20 Copper
WC20 Cream Pearl WC20 Black
WC20 Silver WC20 Antique Silver
WC20 Antique Gold WC20 White Pearl
WC20 Antique Brass WC30 Silver
WC30 Antique Copper WC30 Antique Gold
WC30 Antique Silver WC30 Antique Brass
WC40 Silver WC40 Antique Copper
WC70 Antique Brass WC70 Antique Silver
WC70 Antique Copper WC80 Antique Silver
WC80 Silver WC80 Antique Copper
WC80 Copper WC80 Antique Gold
WC80 Antique Brass WC90 Antique Copper
WC90 Antique Silver WC90 Antique Brass



*All items will ship within 24 hours during regular business days (M-F) excluding holidays. Free Shipping is only valid within 48 contiguous USA states. This page is not updated automatically and it is possible that some items may not be available at the time you order. Please confirm by calling 866-297-0380 #1.

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