Decorative Ceiling Tiles YouTube Channel Helps DIYers

Written by Milan Jara on 27th Oct 2012

If you’re like me, you learn best by watching someone perform a task. Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles YouTube Channel is for you!

Learn by Watching and then Doing

Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever installed ceiling tiles. Maybe you aren’t sure how to paint crown molding, or maybe you just want reassurance that you’re performing the installation correctly. There’s an easy way to learn—just check us out on YouTube!

What the Internet Was Invented for

If there was ever the perfect reason to use the internet, this is it! Now you can learn how to install ceiling tiles right from the comfort of your own home computer.

Our channel currently features eight videos, including such blockbusters as the following:

Pro Photographer Dave Shirley Shows How He Created A Photography Backdrop.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. Clients Testimonial – Lorena Tomblin.wmv.

How to Paint Crown Molding in Two Minutes Per Coat.

These videos are especially helpful for installers and users who are outside the US—watching these short clips is a lot cheaper and easier than making a long-distance phone call!

Seeing is Believing

In addition to the photography and painting videos, we also have basic instructional videos for installing faux-tin glue-up tiles, installing a drop ceiling with faux-tin drop-in tiles, and installing glue-up styrofoam tiles, even over popcorn ceilings. We even show you how to measure and cut both types of tiles as well as crown molding, and we feature several tips and tricks to make installation easier that you won’t see anywhere else. And don’t forget to check out the comments for even more helpful tips and tricks, as well as a few questions and answers.

Short and Sweet

Our longest video is just over ten minutes long, so you can view them all in one sitting or just take one at a time, depending on your next project.

Any Requests?

We currently have eight videos, but we are always glad to add more. If there is any subject that you would like to see us cover on the silver screen, just email us or leave a comment on one of our YouTube videos.

So when you get ready for your next Decorative Ceiling Tiles project, there’s no need to guess or blunder along and hope for the best—just visit our YouTube Channel to get instructions, tips, and tricks before you get started!

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