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Add Character to Your Space With Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 27th Dec 2019

Queen Victoria – Copper Ceiling Tile – #1204 - Solid Copper

For a long time, the ceiling was one of the most neglected surfaces in home décor. Decorators and homeowners failed to see the potential beauty of their ceilings and instead covered them with a boring layer of white paint, or even worse, dated spray-on textures.

That said, there has been a significant resurgence in the popularity of ceiling beautification. One of the most eye-catching ways to make your ceiling stand out is to make use of decorative ceiling tiles.

Of all the decorative ceiling tiles available, you can’t beat the refined look of copper. A copper ceiling is timeless and makes a bold statement in your space. The color of copper alone captures attention and gives any room a touch of sophisticated flair that sticks with your guests.



Why Choose Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles?

Detailed Fleur de Lis – Copper Ceiling Tile – 1202DD - Solid Copper

Copper is a warm and inviting color. It can be used to enhance almost any decorating scheme by adding a vintage look that has stood the test of time. The metallic finish also has a unique ability to reflect light warmly and invitingly. This copper glow makes your space seem larger and more vibrant.

Variety of Styles

Our solid copper ceiling tiles are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns. The intricate designs intentionally replicate the vintage look of traditional copper ceilings.

Designs vary from traditional botanical motifs to more modern geometric patterns. Whether you want a contemporary or vintage look, you can find a copper ceiling tile that can enhance the look of your space and make a memorable impression on your guests.

When selecting copper ceiling tile, you also have the choice of a solid copper or aged copper finish and whether or not to add a protective clear coat to make sure your copper tiles retain their original beauty.

Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles are an Economical Choice

Queen Victoria – Copper Ceiling Tile – #1204 - Solid Copper

Most people assume that adding a real metal surface to their ceiling costs far too much. The reality is the tiles are reasonably priced for what they can add to a room. When you consider the value a copper ceiling can add to your home, the choice is simple. Invest in the appearance of your space and add real value.

You also do not have to completely cover a ceiling to use copper tiles. Many people choose to use them as more of an accent piece. You could choose to use a small number of tiles to sit above a particular feature, such as a kitchen island or bar, or cover the ceiling of a small space, such as a bathroom. The choice is yours!

Simplicity of Installation

Solid copper ceiling tiles may seem like they are difficult and costly to install but this is not the case. Whether you are a skillful contractor or an inexperienced DIYer, installing solid copper ceiling tiles does not pose much of a challenge. Despite the fact the tiles are made out of solid metal, they are relatively light and easy to work with. On average, our solid copper tiles weigh about 3 pounds.

Solid copper ceiling tiles can be installed on a variety of compatible surfaces. Plywood, wood, furring strips, and suspended grid systems can all work with copper tiles.

Copper tiles can be installed directly to your existing ceiling using a nail up method or dropped directly into a ceiling grid. The choice depends entirely on your preference.

A ceiling grid creates a space between the structural ceiling of the room and the visible surface. This is a good option if you have pipes, wiring, or ductwork that you would like to conceal.

If you want to retain the maximum amount of ceiling height in your room you would be better off choosing nail-up tiles. Nail-up tiles allow you to resurface your existing ceiling without making any permanent changes but if you have things you would like to hide but still need access to, dropping your copper tiles into a grid is the best choice.



Some of Our Favorite Solid Copper Ceiling Tiles

There are so many patterns to choose from but there are a few that catch our eye. To get you started, let’s highlight some of the copper tiles that stand out to us.

  • Madison Square – Copper Ceiling Tile - #1201

    Madison Square – Copper Ceiling Tile - #1201 - Solid Copper

    The real beauty of the Madison Square design is in its simplicity. You get a clean pattern of concentric squares that catches the eye without being overwhelming.

    The mostly flat surface also reflects light in an interesting way. These tiles would look great in a kitchen or any other space where you plan to entertain guests.

    Find the Madison Square copper tiles HERE.

  • Al Fresco – Copper Ceiling Tile - #2414

    Al Fresco – Copper Ceiling Tile - #2414 - Solid Copper

    The Al Fresco design uses an intricate pattern to replicate a traditional style. Not only does the copper color give the tile an understated beauty, but the design is also truly timeless.

    This tile is reminiscent of Victorian design styles and contains some interesting floral elements. The tiles add a lot of character to any room and would look amazing above a bar. Guests will appreciate the ambiance that the Al Fresco copper ceiling tiles add to your space.

    Find the Al Fresco solid copper tiles HERE.

  • Abstract Diamondback – Copper Ceiling Tile - #0675

    Abstract Diamondback – Copper Ceiling Tile - #0675 - Solid Copper

    The Abstract Diamondback design offers a more modern aesthetic using simple geometric shapes for a clean look.

    Copper tiles like the Abstract Diamondback would look great in almost any room. They are an option that should be considered for commercial spaces. If you want to make your restaurant have a welcoming and memorable feel, you can’t go wrong with solid copper ceiling tiles like the Abstract Diamondback.

    Find the Abstract Diamondback ceiling tile HERE.

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