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Written by Milan Jara on 15th Jul 2020

Fleurs-de-Lis – Shanko Aluminum Cornice – #807 - Polished Copper

If you have installed metal ceiling tiles, then investing in a metal cornice is highly recommended. What is a metal cornice? In short, it’s a long band of trim that’s three-dimensional and is placed as a border around the ceiling or baseboard.

Often mistaken as a crown molding, a cornice is the three-dimensional border that’s made from any of the metal materials. In contrast, a crown molding is the same feature, but it’s made of Styrofoam. Evidently, crown moldings are installed when your ceiling is plastered.

Fleurs-de-Lis – Shanko Aluminum Cornice – #807 - Polished Copper



Cornices in Depth

Building consist of many parts, like doors, windows, and stairs. Furthermore, they have architectural elements that enhance style and décor.

roof/ceiling and the walls. They can be used either internally or externally of a house or building.

Aesthetic attributes of ceiling cornices: They can enhance the aesthetics of a ceiling as the moldings can be shaped and painted to match any style of décor. The size of the cornice depends on the room’s height and size, so it’s important to measure the room before installing a cornice.

As mentioned, cornices can match to many designable themes. From older-fashioned buildings with traditional or classical design, to sleeker buildings with a modernized appeal, cornices are able to adapt to such designs and come with added functional applications in the process. For instance, within a building/house, there may be imperfections scattered across the part where the ceiling meets the walls. With a cornice, you’ll be able to hide such imperfections, as they’ll be covered by the installed cornice.

A cornice can also be installed externally, and this comes with its own benefits, too. For instance, they throw rainwater away from walls which ultimately protects them from being stained or harmed in any way that rainwater can ensure.



Why go for Metal Cornices?

Egg - N - Dart Copper Cornice - Nail up - #EC0350 - Solid Copper

Another popular material for moldings is wood, yet this popularity doesn’t show the weaknesses in which they consist – especially compared to metal cornices. When it comes to wood moldings, there is little reason to invest in them. The reason being is that metal cornices provide a much larger range of benefits. For instance, they a durable, full of creativity, and simply class. Here are four reasons why metal cornices are the more valuable choice on the market:

Egg - N - Dart Copper Cornice - Nail up - #EC0350 - Solid Copper

  • Impact and Corrosion resistance: If you decide to use metal cornices, you’ll never have to worry about splits, chips, or breaks. In fact, metals like copper, bronze and steel beautify with age.
  • If you are set on steel cornices, then these moldings are remarkably corrosion resistant. Furthermore, it’s flawless when it comes to combing looks for durability.

    Lastly, metal cornices will not rot, grow mold, or become a feeding ground for insects.

  • Fireproof: Clearly, it must be pointed out that investing in metal cornices is going to give you a border that’s not going to burn.
  • Sustainability: If you want to compare metal cornices with a ceiling border material like wood, then it’s clearly obvious that the metal cornice is the one that’s more sustainable. For those of you who are eco-friendly, this option is best suited for you – unless your ceiling is made out of Styrofoam. In this case, a crown molding may be the better option for you.
  • If you go for a metal cornice, and it’s made out of steel especially, then you’re looking at 100% recycled steel – and this will maintain the qualities of steel that’s manufactured in a traditional manner.

    Moreover, other metals, like copper, are also considered as sustainable because they are known to be degradable.

  • Unique Style: When it comes to metal cornices, you can sum them up as a uniquely beautiful feature.

With metal cornices, you can decorate any place you wish, no matter how grand that place may be. For instance, metal cornices can easily blend in well with 5-star hotels, high-class galleries, and luxurious restaurants in any town or city in the world. Therefore, shouldn’t you treat your home to the same kind of decorative treatment? If you match metal cornices to a metal tiled ceiling, you are on your way to having an elegant and stunning space within your home.

Shanko Cornice Sample Pack

Are you interested in having a metal cornice attached around your ceiling? If so, the chances are you may be thinking of installing it yourself. Here is a guide that will help you have a metal cornice bordering your ceiling in no time.

  1. Nail the cornice into the furring strips around the border of the ceiling. Every 6 inches is where you’ll nail into the ceiling and into the studs at the bottom of the cornice.
  2. Now join the cornices at the corners. Miter or cope them like you would with wood.
  3. It’s now about getting a tight fit, so snip the edge of one side with a collection of cuts. These cuts should preferably be 1/8 inches deep every 1/8 inches. The edge is then bent in or out depending on whether it’s for an inside corner or outside.
  4. Then caulk the cornice at the edges, alongside the seams and miters with the nail’s head in the same manner as the ceiling.
  5. Paint the metal with an oil-based paint (this is a must). Unfinished steel will rust, and you need to protect it against humidity.
  6. This is the completed step-by-step installation process of a metal cornice. One last tip is that any cutting can be done using metal shears.

Since reading this guide, we now hope you’ve registered the benefits and installation tips of metal cornices. As we added an in-depth summary of the history surrounding cornices, you should now be aware of what they are and what they can do for you and your home. The point where the ceiling meets the walls can be a delicate area and it needs to be focused on as much as the ceiling and walls themselves. Adding a metal cornice gives it much more stability, and also looking magnificent in the process.

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