Why Invest in Door Skins?

Written by Milan Jara on 14th Jul 2020

Light Walnut – Door Skin – MirroFlex

As there are millions of dollars being spent every year on resurfacing old entryways and worn-out doors, what if there was a way to avoid these costs and installation headaches? Fortunately, there is already a solution to this irritating problem. The simple answer is – door skins.

With door skins, they are designed to be applied over existing flat panel doors. This will give your door a new, fresh look with very little expense.

This guide will inform you of all the reasons why investing in door skins is the best possible solution for your worn-out door. One form of door skins we predominantly sell is Mirroflex, which have endless amounts of benefits to which you could use. Such benefits include:

  1. Long-lasting durability: If you focus on healthcare centers and hospitals, you’ll know that a lot of their doors will receive plenty of abuse from gurneys, wheelchairs, beds, food carts, and among plenty of other large objects you can push around. This is where Mirroflex door skins can be your best friend. They can offer a significant amount of protection, even in the busiest and abusive environments around. Tougher than your regular door, Mirroflex door skins provide an abundance of qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked. Such qualities include; easy fabrication, scratch resistant, fire rated capabilities, and an adhesive backing for simple installation. With this exceptional durability, these door skins can give your door that new and improved look, as well as protecting it from damage that a regular door will not be able to withstand.
  2. Unique wood grains: These door skins have wood grains that can match any design. This is an ideal solution for your home or any commercial setting you’re associated with. With door skins, they come in a variety of smooth matte and textured wood grain finishes that will not only match any design, but it will generate a warm and welcoming entryway.
  3. Boost your brand: Branding and developing unique door designs can be overwhelming and costly, but a creative graphic designer can take this away by printing directly onto a skin, giving it a unique and eye-catching appeal. By adding numbers or a design relating to your brand, you are taking your brand to the next level. It’s a notion worth investing in because of the benefits your brand will gain. It will give it a much-needed facelift, while impressing visitors and saving you time and money in the process.
  4. Environmentally friendly: When it comes to home or commercial decorating, we should all consider this wonderful planet we live on. Being environmentally friendly is more important than ever and adding door skins to your entryways is doing exactly that. Instead of your doors ending up in landfills (if you decided to renew your door), door skins will cover up your existing door with a list of fantastic options available to you.
  5. A skin for all styles and color schemes: First of all, it’s important to look at door skins before you go out and purchase one. Like most decorative services, choosing a door skin takes a little time and patience before you decide on the right one. A door skin needs to match well with the design and color scheme of the room its welcoming. Fortunately, whatever color scheme you have or are planning to have, the chances are, there will be a door skin that’s suited for it.
  6. Being a solution for your business: Do you have a business that’s accustomed to high traffic? Then investing in door skins is a viable solution. With a lot of businesses, door damage can be quite frequent, so taking care of your doors is significantly important, especially if you want to keep your reputation intact. Door skins will provide your business with this problem. By being an affordable option with very low required maintenance, you’ll save both money and time – important components for any business. If your business is a busy environment, with heavy daily traffic, then it’s wise to invest in a door skin that’s darker in color. This will make any future wear and tear less noticeable as opposed to lighter color door skins.



Installation Process

Medium Walnut – Door Skin – MirroFlex

As a form of decorating, installing door skins may be a project you want to do yourself. To do this you’ll need the right tools and the right information to get the job done. Here is a simple step-by-step process to revamping your door(s).

  • Remove damaged skin: For this, you may need to remove your door(s) from the hinges so that you can replace the door skin. Use a screwdriver for this task, and then lay the door on a flat surface. You will now need a tool called a die grinder so that you can grind the edges of the door. When the edges are slightly ground, you can then catch hold of the old door skin. Use the die grinder on areas of the door where the skin folds. Once you’re confident of the skin being loose, stop the grinding and hold the skin and remove it.
  • Prepare new skin: Before installing the new skin, sand the edges. By doing this, the skin lips will fold much easier. Then, remove the welds and clean the skin thoroughly using a cloth. Once you’ve completed this, position the skin on the loose door.
  • Attach the new skin: Start by spreading the adhesive on either the door or the skin. If you opt for the door, then make sure it’s clean before you do. It’s important to have the adhesive covering all the surfaces where the skin will be folded. Gently press the skin onto the door, making sure that they attach tightly.
  • Once the skin and the door are attached, it’s now time to fold the skin on the edges for the best possible stick. The most effective way to do this is by using a hammer and dolly on the edges. But only do this gently, there’s no need to whack down with the hammer.
  • Reassemble the door: Once the edges are stuck on properly, it’s now time to reassemble to door. All that’s needed is for you to use the screwdriver and re-hinge the door to the doorway.

Medium Walnut – Door Skin – MirroFlex Installed

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