MirroFlex Soundproof Divider Walls for Noise-free and More Private Spaces

Written by Milan Jara on 9th May 2022

MirroFlex Soundproof Divider Walls

When installing soundproof divider walls in your office or conference roof, look no further than MirroFlex acoustic dividers to create a noise-free, private space.

Noise can be a nuisance anywhere, especially in an office space. With an acoustic partition, you can maintain a calm environment free of noise. As a plus, with an acoustic panel room divider, you can have some space to yourself, even in a public place like an open office.

With MirroFlex soundproof divider walls, you can have the best of both worlds: a noise-free environment and a private space. Just buy portable soundproof walls and position them in your space strategically for noise absorption and more privacy.

MirroFlex Acoustic Dividers

ATI Decorative Laminates makes MirroFlex acoustic or soundproof dividers that you can position for noise control and to create semi-private spaces in various places, like restaurants, bars, offices, and libraries.

These acoustic room dividers are highly versatile in that they not only create room partitions or walls but also act as decorative material. For example, you can create a temporary decorative wall using MirroFlex dividers to act as a background for online meetings, potentially replacing the traditional bookshelf famously used as the backdrop for online appearances.

How are MirroFlex Soundproof Dividers Made?

MirroFlex dividers are stylish partitions made by Advanced Technology, Inc. (ATI) with an acoustic layer of sound insulation between two perforated MirroFlex panels.

The movable wall panels come in black or white finish options and can be viewed from both sides, while the acoustic layer is perforated to maximize noise reduction.

The more porous the acoustic layer is, the more sound absorption the divider can provide. When sound waves from background noise come into contact with the divider, the porous surface breaks the sound waves, which turn into heat energy easily dissipated without any sound.

Even with the porous surface, it's impossible to make a room fully noise-free unless you soundproof all the walls and the ceiling as well.

If it's necessary to soundproof your space fully, such as in a recording studio where noise reduction is required, use ATI's Fusion soundproof wall panels and Fusion/MirroFlex soundproof ceiling tiles.

ATI's soundproof MirroFlex dividers are held in a sleek aluminum frame, ensuring they are lightweight and highly portable. You can choose from the following six curated patterns, depending on your preferences and the suitability of the divider panels to your space:

  • Boston
  • Savannah
  • Sculpted Petals
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Tetrus
  • Wavation

Features of MirroFlex Divider Walls

ATI divider walls have the following features:

  • The dividers are rectangular and measure 60 inches tall and 50 inches wide. This large size means you don't have to buy a large amount to cover a small space entirely.
  • The acoustic or perforated insert between the two exterior sound panels measures 32 inches by 48 inches.
  • Two finish options are available - black or white.
  • The acoustic partition wall dividers are customizable under ATI's digital printing program, allowing buyers to choose graphics from the company's idea library or provide their own images.
  • The movable partition wall dividers are lightweight and thus highly portable.
  • ATI makes the dividers in the USA.

How Can I Make a Divider Wall Using MirroFlex Dividers?

Making a soundproof divider wall using MirroFlex dividers is easy. First, measure the length of the space where you want to install the soundproof partition wall. To get the estimated number of sound control panels required, divide the number obtained above with the length (width) of one divider.

You can choose from any of the curated patterns above or even ask to have your sound reduction dividers digitally printed with a graphic design of your choice. For example, if you want them for a business, you can have the acoustic screens customized with your brand's unique identity features, such as the logo.

Once the company reviews and approves your requested acoustic room divider design, you wait for the dividers to be made and delivered to you, after which you can proceed to install them as required in your space. Place the dividers next to each other until you have fully covered the length of the space.

When making the estimation and planning, it's important to consider that the dividers have a base with two bars that protrude on either side of the frame.

The bars ensure the divider remains stable all the time and doesn't fall over, but you'll need to make room for them. However, in most instances, this is not a problem.

Where Can You Use MirroFlex Soundproof Divider Walls?

Depending on your location and needs, you can use ATI divider walls in places such as:

  • Offices with open floor plans
  • Cafeterias, restaurants, and bars
  • Libraries
  • Call centers
  • Schools/classrooms
  • Band practice rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Office workstations or home offices
  • Apartments
  • Gymnasiums

Why Should You Use MirroFlex Soundproof Divider Walls?

Besides the obvious reason you'll be using the divider walls–to reduce noise–below are other advantages and reasons you might want to use MirroFlex dividers.

  • Portability. The portable nature of the dividers makes it possible to use them as temporary walls that can be moved from one place to another whenever the need arises. You can even remove them completely if need be.
  • Creating barriers. In a place like an open office, you can install divider walls so workers won't stare at each other or feel stared at by others. The barrier helps improve productivity as workers are more comfortable and can carry out their work with fewer distractions.
  • Creating individual or private spaces at slashed costs. It can be expensive to build a permanent wall to create private spaces for different people. Divider walls save time and money as you can quickly and cheaply create a wall without building, moving, or permanently changing the structure of an office or building.
  • Easy to clean. The panels won't be damaged even by strong disinfectants.
  • Resistance to scratches, stains, chemicals, and fingerprints. Dividers are usually placed within close human reach, meaning they can be damaged easily when tampered with. Our dividers are highly resistant to damages that may be caused by frequent touches, chemicals, or stains.


For noise management in residential, commercial, or corporate spaces, use soundproof divider walls that guarantee high noise levels and echo reduction.

The ultimate desire is to have a more private and calm environment free from noise, but as a bonus, you can also experience the decorative effect of MirroFlex acoustic wall panel dividers, especially if you have them digitally printed with custom graphics.

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