Top 10 Best Faux Brick Panels Ideas Everyone is Hyped For

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Mar 2022

The faux brick paneling trend is here to stay. Are you onboard? Read our post for the 10 best faux brick panels ideas for your home.

When it comes to using faux brick wall panels to imitate the natural look of real brick, there are plenty of ideas out there, regardless of the room you are trying to transform.

From a minimalist approach where you let the panels retain their factory color to whitewashed and German smear faux brick walls, there are countless ideas to consider.

This article explores 10 amazing brick wall ideas using the best faux brick panels to ensure you don’t miss out on the beautiful and functional faux brick wall trend.

What You'll Need to Implement Faux Brick Wall Panels Ideas

Depending on the project you choose, here are some of the key tools and materials you'll need to put up a DIY faux brick wall.

Tools Needed to Install DIY Faux Brick Wall Panels

  • A saw for cutting the panels (such as a table saw, jigsaw, hand saw, or wet saw)
  • Paintbrush
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Putty knife/scraper/drywall knife
  • Pen/pencil for marking (optional)
  • Caulking gun
  • Grout sponge
  • Drill
  • Stud finder
  • Carpenter square
  • Painter’s tape
  • Screwdriver/nailer
  • Screws/brad nails
  • Drop cloth
  • Sandpaper
  • Latex gloves

Materials Needed to Install DIY Faux Brick Wall Panels

  • Faux brick wall panels
  • Paint (such as white paint)
  • Caulk (preferably sanded)
  • Grout/acrylic paint/joint compound/drywall compound
  • Spackle
  • Construction adhesive
  • Primer

Top 10 Best Faux Brick Panels Ideas Worth the Hype

Now that you know what you need to install faux brick paneling, let's look at the top ten ideas you can implement at home or in a small business.

1. Full-length Living Room Accent Wall

Full-length Living Room

Making an accent wall is one of the most common ways people use faux brick products. The wall can be a small section of a larger wall, or in this case, it could be an entire wall transformed into a feature wall.

While some people leave the brick as it is for a minimalist approach, most homeowners prefer the look of painted brick. Painting the panels white gives the wall a clean, whitewashed look.

The trick with using accent walls is to ensure they are differentiated from the other walls in the room yet still match well with the wall decor and furniture. That said, contrasting colors and styles also work well.

2. Faux Aged Brick Wall

Faux Aged Brick Wall

Like this example from Sarah of Sammyonstate, you can use a faux-aged brick wall to imitate the fading look of old bricks that have started turning white. White paint is smudged lightly on the faux brick paneling randomly along the brick edges.

You can achieve a more natural look by applying thin beads of concrete patching caulk to resemble the appearance of real mortar. Apply the caulk along the outside of each brick, and then even it out with your finger. You'll have to wear your latex gloves for this process.

The result is a faux brick wall that looks as if it were old, with whitish and reddish parts that contrast with the caulked brick outlines.

3. Faux Brick Wall Frame Sign for a Small Business

Faux Brick Wall

If you are highly passionate about your business and want to bring a bit of it into your home, a framed faux brick sign would do the job nicely.

In this sample by Corey of Sawdust to Stitches, the sign features a framed panel with text designed on paper and projected onto the wall with a projector before tracing it with a pencil and filling it with paint using art paint brushes.

The great thing about this trend is that you can try it with various designs and names, including a family name.

The use of family names for this design is quite common in the farmhouse style where brick paneling creates an attractive rustic look.

4. Faux Brick Backsplash Panels for Kitchen Walls

Faux Brick Wall

The kitchen is one of the places in your home that requires installing a backsplash behind the oven or sink to protect the wall from food and dirty water splashes.

You can't go wrong with imitation brick wall panels for such a project. Since a single faux brick panel would look odd behind the sink or oven, it's best to expand the coverage of the decorative panels around the kitchen.

Lora of Craftivity Designs has a detailed post on how you can install a backsplash in your kitchen. Be sure to check it out.

5. Faux Brick Bedroom Wall

Faux Brick Wall

Like the accent wall in the living room, you can transform an entire bedroom wall–or just part of it–into a new faux brick wall, and you don't have to make it the focal point of the room.

Such a look achieved by Robin and Ed of Frugal Family Times was possible using brick veneer panels that they later painted white to get the white brick appearance.

One thing to note about a faux brick wall in the bedroom is that you might want to stick to the minimalist approach even if you paint the panels.

You don't want the entire wall to be too eye-catching, which would make it a distraction, especially when you want to sleep.

6. Faux Brick Panels Fireplace

Faux Brick Panels

Yet another creative way to use faux brick panels is to make a brick-themed fireplace, such as this one from Robin and Ed.

The fireplace adds character to an otherwise uninspiring space, especially when you consider that the couple made a wholly new fireplace in one corner of the room!

7. Faux Brick Wall in the Gym

Faux Brick Wall

A faux brick wall works well in the kitchen, living room, guest room, and other places like a home gym Tiffany of Dream Design DIY covered an entire wall with faux brick panels with a light whitewash.

To add more character and personality, she also made a rustic sign and placed it strategically on the wall.

8. German Smear Faux Brick Wall

Faux Brick Wall

A German smear faux brick wall is an excellent way to transform your space, such as in this new look achieved by Liz of Naptime Decorator. She used faux brick panels that she painted and German smeared with joint compound using a putty knife.

While she applied heavy smearing on most parts, you can do it lightly or sand down areas where you overdo it. Either way, the wall will look great, and you can even use the putty knife craftily to make lines and add some texture. Then finish it off with some eye-catching wall decor.

9. Whitewashed, Semi-exposed Brick Wall

Faux Brick Wall

When you don't want to follow a minimalist style of leaving the faux brick paneling in its factory color, you can always add some character to it by applying white paint.

You can apply the paint heavily or do it lightly so that some parts are naked. This helps to achieve an exposed brick appearance, such as the one done by The Restoring House.

10. Laundry Room Faux Brick Wall

Faux Brick Wall

The laundry room is another place for a transformative faux brick wall, like this one done by Heather of Beauty for Ashes. The whitewashed brick wall is topped off with some shelves and wall decor to enhance the rustic look.


Putting up a transformative brick wall isn’t hard if you choose the best faux brick panels and have the necessary tools, materials, and time to complete the project.

The good thing about the above projects is that they won't cost you an arm and a leg, and you'll be able to experiment with the faux brick paneling trend everyone wants to try.

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