Faux Brick Accent Wall - Easy & Budget Friendly Way to Add Character

Written by Milan Jara on 17th Feb 2022

Faux Brick Wall Panel

A faux brick accent wall is an excellent option if you want to add character to your home or make your house beautiful again. It doesn't have to be hard to install faux bricks to transform a boring wall into a full of character.

You'll love three things about adding a faux brick accent wall. The bricks are easy to install, cheaper than traditional brick, and they add a new touch of character to your home, depending on the style you use.

Let's explore further and see why you should go for a faux brick wall as the perfect choice for your planned accent wall.

What is an Accent Wall?

Also called a feature wall, an accent wall is an exterior or interior wall that stands out from all the other walls because it has a different paint color, material, or design.

Accent walls become a focal point, so you should put them up where an accent wall or focal point already exists. Such common points include the fireplace and TV wall.

The focal point is the wall that already draws the eye, so you want to add more attention by turning it into an accent or feature wall by further differentiating it from the others.

The whole point of an accent wall is to emphasize the existing features such as windows, a TV area, and the fireplace. You can also use an accent wall to highlight other non-built-in items like wall decor or home decor.

The accent wall becomes obsolete if it isn't the natural focal point or doesn't reinforce the appeal of a specific existing feature.

What is a Faux Brick Accent Wall?

A faux brick accent wall is an accent wall made of faux brick. The material for the faux brick may be polyurethane, for example.

Other brick-related options for making an accent wall include half brick (also called thin brick or brick veneer), real brick, and faux brick wall panels.

When doing a brick accent wall using faux bricks, the color of the bricks should either blend in or contrast with your decor, such that it remains the room's main focal point.

Faux bricks are an excellent choice for new wall decor, and you can even use a white brick interface to make a statement with your accent wall. For this, use a roller or paintbrush to apply white paint on a traditionally-colored red brick wall.

The best approach to a faux brick wall is to use brick paneling, faux brick wall panels, or faux bricks on the entire wall. However, this isn't always possible since your wall may be higher than the length of each brick panel.

Pros of Faux Brick for an Accent Wall

Faux bricks are highly popular in homes because of the following advantages:

Ease of Installation

Faux bricks are easy to install if you have the right tools and skills for measuring, cutting, applying joint compound, and finishing up the setup.

You can start and finish a DIY faux brick wall in a single day if you have the right tools and materials available for the job.


Faux bricks and faux brick paneling are highly durable accent wall options that will give your space a unique look for years to come. The bricks or panels last a long time, as does the lovely look.

Lightweight Nature

Because they are not real bricks, faux bricks and panels are lightweight. They won't weigh down your wall, which would otherwise cause it to weaken or collapse.

Availability in Multiple Colors, Shades, and Styles

If you use real brick, you are limited to only a few options, with the traditional red brick being the most common color. With faux brick, you can choose from various colors and styles, like standard faux brick, faux brick paneling, or even interlocking bricks.

Budget Friendliness

Faux bricks are cheaper to install. For starters, you do not need to buy mortar, like with real brick or half-brick. They are also low-maintenance and won't cost you an arm and a leg to keep them looking great.

Cons of Faux Brick for an Accent Wall

Despite the benefits, faux brick has its drawbacks when used as an accent wall cover.

Firstly, a faux brick or wall panel lacks structural integrity, meaning that you can only use it on already existing walls, such as exposed brick walls, as decorative wallpaper.

Secondly, you might ruin your wall while trying to redefine it with faux brick.

You need construction adhesive and nails or screws to hold the bricks in place. The latter may leave residue on the wall when you remove the faux brickwork, while nails and screws leave gaping holes.

Thirdly, you might lose some home resale value if you do a poor job installing a faux brick wall in your home, especially if the house doesn’t have any brick sections in the original architectural design. Buyers might dismiss the accent wall covering as just brick wallpaper.

However, these three cons shouldn't discourage you from using faux brick for an accent wall. You can use various peeling methods to avoid leaving residue when removing the brick panels, and the holes left by nails are always refillable. If done well, the feature can add a lot of appeal to your home.

Where to Add a Faux Brick Accent Wall

As mentioned previously, you should strategically choose a faux brick accent wall to complement the appearance of the interior or exterior environment. The following are suitable places for a faux brick accent wall:

  • Large kitchen
  • Living room
  • Living room/dining room combo
  • Guest bedroom
  • Foyer
  • Home office

Faux Brick Wall Panel

How Many Faux Bricks Does Your Accent Wall Need?

You won’t know how many pieces of faux bricks or panels your accent wall needs until you measure the area.

You can use a tape measure to determine the length and height while subtracting the area of parts that shouldn't be covered, such as the fireplace, windows. Smaller sections, such as power outlets, can be cut out during the installation process.

Be sure to record all the measurements and determine the size of the area in square feet. Then, divide the area of the walls by the area of each brick or panel to determine how many pieces you need to finish the job.

To be on the safe side, always order a few extra pieces to offset shortcomings like underestimation, breakages, or damage. A 15 percent extra count on the actual is a good rule of thumb to be sure you won’t come up short.

How Much Do Faux Bricks for an Accent Wall Cost?

Faux bricks aren't as expensive as real bricks to buy and install, and faux bricks cost much less than faux brick panel siding. The price of faux bricks ranges between $6 and $15.

The cost depends on the company and manufacturer, the material of the bricks or panels, sizing, and other factors. For example, the cost of our polyurethane-made Tritan BP six-square foot panels starts from $98.45 per panel. Home Depot is also a good purchasing point.

Once you have done your research, estimate the total cost of bricks or panels by multiplying the number of required bricks by the cost of each panel or brick.

How to Establish a Brick Theme on an Accent Wall

Since we have explored two ways of brick-theming an accent wall, let's see how you can install each option.

How to Install Faux Bricks on an Accent Wall

For starters, it is easier to put up brick panels than it is to put up individual faux bricks. The bricks come in single pieces rather than a pre-assembled block.

You need various materials and tools such as a level, table saw, trowel, wood, mastic, mortar, grout, faux brick, measuring tape, and screw gun.

Start by clearing the wall to free it of debris and ensure that the surface is level from top to bottom. If it isn't level, lay the wood piece at the wall base to guide you.

Cut the bricks that need cutting into halves, especially the ones for the edges, then affix the bricks starting from the bottom corner and work your way to the rest of the area. Be sure to leave enough spacing for grouting between the bricks.

To hold the bricks in place, apply mastic from the bottom surface using the trowel and then fix a full brick from the corner at the bottom.

Fix a half faux brick directly above the full one. Keep alternating full and half bricks appropriately to avoid creating vertical seams.

Once you cover the first section, add another line of mastic and repeat the above process until you cover the entire wall except for the places you don't want to brick.

Leave it to dry for about two days before using a grout bag to fill each grout line between the bricks. Leave the grout to dry.

How to Install Faux Brick Panels on an Accent Wall

You need a level, table saw, faux brick panels, construction adhesive, measuring tape, and a screw gun, screwdriver, or nail gun.

Measure the installation area and adjust accordingly for places like the fireplace, windows, doors, and power outlets.

Use the table saw to cut the panels as measured. You can mark the cut panels to show which one goes into what position on the wall.

Clean the application area by dusting, apply the adhesive in several lines, and attach the cut panels. Hold them in place using nails or screws at the rate of 8-10 per panel, making a proper judgment based on the panel's size.

After installing all the panels, do the necessary final touches, such as covering the nails or screws and cleaning up the work area, and you're done!

Dos and Don'ts of Faux Brick Accent Walls

What are some things to do or not do when putting up a faux brick accent wall?

The Dos:

  • Let the colors complement or contrast with the decor in moderation.
  • Use paint to update the wall to provide plenty of options.
  • Find the perfect focal location on a wall with an existing focal point, such as a TV area.
  • Call an approved professional to install if you don't have the time or skills needed.

The Don'ts:

  • Don't install in small rooms. It will make the room look smaller.
  • Don't install in a crowded room. Other items will detract attention from the accent wall.
  • Don't do the installation yourself if you have any doubts.
  • Call an approved professional to install if you don't have the time or skills needed.


And it's a wrap! There's an easy and budget-friendly way to add character to your space by installing a faux brick accent wall at your desired focal point to emphasize already existing features.

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