Tips and Tools for Cutting Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Milan Jara on 4th Aug 2021

When you cover or replace a new ceiling with ceiling tiles, chances are you’re going to need to cut some tiles, especially for the edges and corners. There are various ways to cut through ceil … read more

Basement Ceiling Options for Homes

Posted by Milan Jara on 16th Jul 2021

A basement is a space that tends to be overlooked when it comes to a renovation project, and the reason for that is because many homeowners leave it as a place to store belongings. However, if y … read more

How to Properly Cut a Hole in a Ceiling Tile

Posted by Milan Jara on 29th Apr 2021

If you have tiles covering your ceiling, or if you are planning to install ceiling tiles alongside a ceiling fan, then you may be wondering what’s the best way to cut a hole inside one of t … read more