Decorative Ceiling Tiles: Happy Customers are the Best Advertising

Written by Milan Jara on 29th Jul 2011

As I’ve mentioned previously, I worked in the construction industry for over 25 years and have been involved in the construction and renovation of many homes. A valuable lesson I learned a long time ago was that one of the best forms of advertising was a happy customer. If a company provides a high quality product or service and treats their customers fairly and with respect, they may soon have more business than they could have ever imagined.

A perfect example is a homeowner in Michigan who purchased faux-tin ceiling tiles from Cheryl and her family live in a beautiful rustic cabin that had old one foot square acoustical tiles on the dining and living room ceilings. She searched for a product that could complement the warmth of the cabin’s interior decors and decided on the DIY friendly faux-tin tiles she found online.

Antique Silver Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

The before video she posted on youtube does a great job of showing what her old ceiling looked like, the obstacles such as a fireplace she had to work around, and the initial stages of the new tile installation process. The after video demonstrates that Cheryl may have missed her calling when she didn’t choose advertising as her profession.

In the second video Cheryl mentions how easy the new decorative ceiling tile was to install, how inexpensive it was when compared to similar products at the larger home improvement stores, and the vast selection she was able to choose from at If you’re considering another ceiling finish for a room remodeling project at your home, you may not want to watch the second video as I have no doubt it’s going to cause you to change your plans.

Antique Copper Ceiling Tiles

A happy customer who’s extremely pleased with the product and the transformation it gave her home combined with a video shot at night that shows the warm reflection of light off the beautiful new ceiling can make a very powerful statement. I already liked the many selections of styrofoam, faux-tin, and tin tiles available from, but Cheryl and her video have now convinced me that at least one of the rooms in my home will soon have one of these attractive ceiling finishes

If you purchase decorative ceiling tiles, styrofoam crown molding, or any other product from, send in a a video link, photos, or an email letting everyone know what you thought of the product, how the installation went, and what kind of transformation it gave to your room — before and after pictures are even better.

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