Win $500 Credit at Decorative Ceiling Tiles – November 2012

Written by Milan Jara on 18th Nov 2012

Hello Friends!

There is 8 contestants that entered our $500 contest this time around and we are very thankful that they have taken their time to do so.

Your job is to look at all the image and vote for the one you like the best.

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Project Entries for $500 Store Credit at Decorative Ceiling Tiles

1) Spare Room Ceiling by Doug Gremel

My name is Doug Gremel and my family lives at 939 Hillcrest Dr. in Seward NE. We recently completed a make-over of a spare bedroom in our home using styrofoam ceiling tiles. The ceiling tiles make a dramatic improvement in the room and it was a lot easier to install the styrofoam ceiling tiles than tearing out the old plaster and lathe and re-drywalling the ceiling. Plus applying the styrofoam ceiling tiles was a lot faster and easier. And, the end result looks great!

Product used: R82 Circles and Stars

Before Image:

Doug Gremel Ceiling Before

After Image:

Doug Gremel Ceiling After

2) Kitchen Metal Backsplash by The Bulls

With the instructions on their website, and a few basic tools, this was a very easy project. We started with cleaning the old ceramic tile surface well with TSP: we chose not to cover it with plywood first because it was solid. Then we decided where we were going to start, and made a bit of a plan so that the cut part of the tiles would be in the least visible areas. We then cut the tile, applied Liquid Nails liberally to the back of the tile, then spread it with a trowel making sure any crevices from the design on the tile are filled. Then we put on our cotton gloves and pressed the tile into place, wiping away any excess glue as we went. What with the repeated pattern and the fact that each tile overlaps the tile before it this was quite an easy and fast process. When the backsplash was done we applied a bead of clear silicone caulk at all overlapping joints and around the perimeter of the backsplash then again wiping away any excess before it dries. This project took us about 5 hours and we are extremely pleased with the final results. Plus we’ve gotten rave reviews from family and friends.

Sincerely Russ & Michelle Bull

Product used: 0604 Princess Victoria

Before Image:

Before Kitchen by The Bulls

After Image:

Kitchen with Metal Backsplash

3) Coffered Ceiling by Susan M. Meyers

We used Decorative Ceiling Tiles in our project to turn our ordinary ceiling into a coffered ceiling with faux tin tiles. Our inspiration was a tea restaurant in England and the tiles were a perfect match to the original. We were delighted with how easily they went up and the whole placement took less than two hours. I originally had my heart set on finding authentic tin tiles but now I couldn’t be happier with our choice to use faux. They look amazing and cost a lot less!

Product used: DCT26 Firenze – Antique Copper

Before Image:

Framing For A Coffered Ceiling

After Image:

Finished Coffered Ceiling with Faux Copper

4) Kitchen Ceiling by Jen Copland

Hi, I’m Jen from Michigan, and I’d like to tell you my kitchen ceiling.

My house was built in the mid-1970s, so I have the iconic “swirly” plaster pattern on the majority of my ceilings. Two years ago I knocked the wall down that separated our kitchen from our unused formal dining room to give us a 20’x12’ kitchen. This venture left us with two different ceiling textures… for two years, until I found Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Recently, I put up the R82 Circles and Stars styrofoam tiles. It took me about 10 hours, not only have them installed, but also have the seams caulked and light fixtures back in place. They married the two ceilings together flawlessly. Though they looked great unpainted, I opted to paint them a high gloss paint to make them look more like authentic tin. I am thrilled with the results. Not only was it a simple installation, it is cost effective, and a classy solution to my construction hurdle.

Product used: R82 Circles and Stars

Before Image:

Kitchen Ceiling Before

After Image:

Kitchen Ceiling After

5) Laundry Room / Bathroom of My Dreams by Pam Mulhollem

My name is Pam Mulhollem and I live in Stahlstown , Pennsylvania. My husband and I recently remodeled out bath/laundry room. I wanted it to be a place that might remind me of my grandmothers old farm house cellar. The ceiling looks great and helped achieve the look I wanted without the fuss of putting up an actual tin ceiling. And, since it is plastic I don’t have to worry about the normal moisture found in a bathroom. My husband and I are so happy we found such a great product. It’s hard to believe that a piece of glued up plastic looks so fantastic!

Product used: 222 White Pearl

Laundry Room / Bathroom

6) How I’ve Made My Kitchen Ceiling Pop by Kyle Mount

My name is Kyle Mount and I used the faux tin glue-up ceiling tiles for my kitchen remodel project. The kitchen is unique in that it is in an underground house and has no windows in it, so it needed something to make it “pop” and these tiles were just the thing. The tiles themselves were very easy to use. Just measure and cut with scissors, then glue them in place with contact cement. I even put them over osb, which had a somewhat rough surface, and it was no problem

I highly recommend these tiles as a way to turn a plain or ugly ceiling into one that is simply, spectacular.

Product used: 150 Antique Brass

Before Image:

Underground Kitchen Before

After Image:

Underground Kitchen After

7) Remodeling 1930s Cape Cod-Style House by Nancy Webb

My name is Nancy Webb and this project covered about 500 square feet consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a hall and stairwell in the dormer upstairs of a 1930s Cape Cod-style home in Rhode Island. I selected nail-up tin ceiling tiles in clear aluminum finish because these tiles so closely resemble traditional old tin.

I love the variety of designs Decorative Ceiling Tiles carries. Keeping with my art deco-based theme, I selected the Classic Deco Diamonds ceiling pattern that mimics 12×12″ tiles. The 3″ Deco Border cornice used at the peak of the ceilings covered that transition seam beautifully. The 9″ Diamond Border cornice that I selected runs horizontally around the walls of the hallway/landing and the bathroom.

Since we were in essence building a new bath and totally rebuilding the upstairs bedrooms, as the job neared completion we planned the ceiling installation. I read the nail-up instructions on Decorative Ceiling Tile’s website and then I worked with my carpenters, Ken and Adam, on the best layout for visual design in minimizing the overlapping seams. They had previously removed the old dropped ceiling and then strapped the rafters with 1x2s on 12″ centers. They used the cone-head nails (that we ordered with the tin) on the strapping, and continued using the nails for decorative and strengthening purposes in areas where we glued tiles directly to existing Sheetrock. There we used LocTite Power Grab All-Purpose Construction Adhesive on the surface of the tiles and nailed the corners in our nail-in pattern. The final step was trimming the edges of the tin tiles with small cove wood molding painted the color of the walls or stained quarter-round where the tin met the knotty pine walls.

Product used: 1220 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Deco Diamonds, EM0351 Deco Border, EM0901 Diamond Border.

Before Image:

Bathroom at Cape Code Before

After Image:

Bathroom at Cape Code After

8) Tin Ceiling Projects by Bauer Clifton Interiors

Project: Bozarth

Product used: Classic Gingerbread tile in mill finished aluminum; field painted in high gloss white

Story: Our goal for this project was to transition this home built in the 1980’s into a home that is barnhouse chic. Both of the homeowners grew up in farmhouses and had memories from childhood of particular details that we resurfaced during the design process. The classic gingerbread ceiling tile was a perfect solution to bring in a unique texture, contrasting color, and material from another era. It’s also one of the few elements that can hold its own against the reclaimed wood floors that are now in this space as well; which says a lot about the level of impact this ceiling truly has!

Before Image:

Living Room Before

After Image:

Living Room After

Project: BCI Design Studio Product used: Classic Gingerbread tile in mill finished aluminum; field painted in high gloss white Story: Our design for this office remodel included the removal of an old chimney that ran through the ceiling and the addition of a window in its place, along with the replacement of the adjoining windows as well. This, of course, required the removal and patching of a tin ceiling original to the building that dates back to 1910. Fortunately, we were able to find the exact replica of tin tile at Decorative Ceiling Tiles to achieve a final product that is seamless and even better looking than before!

Before Image:

BCI Design Studio-Before

After Image:

BCI Design Studio-After

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Last day to vote is 12/16/2012 – Winner will be announced shortly after.

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