Walnut Wall Panels: Adding Warmth and Depth to a Room

Written by Milan Jara on 29th Jul 2022

Walnut Wall Panels

Looking to add some warmth to a room in your home? Walnut wall panels come in a variety of styles and shapes suitable to match any décor.

Adding walnut wood wall panels to any room provides elegance and texture to your space. They are easy to install, clean, and maintain, and many varieties are resistant to corrosion or mold. This type of wall paneling provides a durable option for areas that are high-traffic or busy. These ideas for wall panels will add the architectural interest you have been searching for to the space.

Walnut Wall Panel Ideas

Walnut wall panels can offer a bright, light texture to any space. Or you can go a bit darker and richer. They come in a variety of textures, looks, and forms, making it easy to pair the look with any style of home. All you need to do is find a panel that matches your home’s décor and place it where it best accentuates the space’s natural appeal.

Bathroom Beadboard Wainscoting Appeal

Walnut wall panels are perfect to use for traditional wainscotting projects. In a bathroom, you can use the richness of the walnut wood to contrast lighter-colored walls. It will add a certain warmth and richness to the room. This look is perfect for master bathrooms where you may want that added touch of luxury.

To make a bathroom appear wider, apply it as a wainscot halfway up the wall and cap it with trimming. The vertical lines will make the room appear taller, while the visual width generated by the wainscoting will make the room feel larger.

Highlighting an Area

Walnut Wall Panels

In any area, you can apply walnut wall panels as part of or as an entire accent wall. By placing them horizontally, you can make a room appear wider. If placed vertically, the room appears taller. When looking to install them, always consider the aspects of a room.

If the room is small, you may want to place them horizontally for the illusion of width. For a low ceiling, consider installing them vertically.

Bold Modern Barnwood Appeal

This type of paneling offers a rustic appearance without the weightiness of actual hardwood panels. It is ideal for areas that range from traditional to ultra-modern farmhouse and generates a nice warm appeal to a room. Plus it is very lightweight. Some ways to incorporate it are:

  • Generating mid-century appeal as an accent wall for a man/woman cave
  • Making it appear a bit distressed for a work area
  • Cutting the wall paneling to size for a stove backsplash
  • Covering kitchen counters for a rustic appeal

Add Dimension with a 3D Design

Walnut Wall Panels

To create a modern touch or to provide a contemporary appearance to a transitional space, consider the use of a 3D texture. This type of wall panel is lightweight, fire-resistant, and easy to install. Other ways you can use it are:

  • Adding texture and warmth to a contemporary living/family room in neutral tones
  • Giving dimension to bedrooms as an accent wall behind a bed
  • Subtle texture in high-traffic areas since this paneling wipes down easily, making it ideal for pets and children

Add Height Visually with Slat Wood

This is a beautiful design that looks elegant and modern. It also tends to provide a bit of sound absorption depending on the material. Be sure that when you are installing them that the tiles match up perfectly. To incorporate this look:

  • You can use it as an accent wall behind modern, minimalist furniture. This will create a somewhat retro sixties to seventies vibe and accentuate the clean lines of the design.
  • You can add it to an all-season sunroom either on a wall or the ceiling for a sharp contrast.

Ornamental Wooden Walls

For this look, all you need is an area that you want to use as an accent piece. Then take wooden wall panels with 3D raised plank detail and install them in a pattern. One piece can go on a 30° angle one way, with the other pieces going in the opposite direction. Another way to do it is to hang one piece at an angle vertically with the other pieces hanging horizontally. It is easy to play with this style to achieve exactly the look you are searching for.

Wood Paneling with Lights

Walnut Wall Panels

This provides the perfect backdrop for a television set or side-drop for steps. Place your wood panels from wall to ceiling. Make some space for drop lighting and connect the lower levels using a vertical batten. This will link several floors of your house visually.

How to Use Wood Panels

When considering design, take into consideration the room where you are installing the wood panels. What features do you want to accent? Is the room tall and spacious or small and narrow? These are all factors you will need to consider when planning your installation.

If the space is small and narrow but has a higher ceiling, you may want to incorporate a horizontal design to create the illusion of space. The lines will draw the eye wider, making the room appear less cramped. A great idea is to place it a quarter of the way up the wall to make the room look bigger.

To accentuate a tall room, you may want a vertical design, which you can do as a full wall, or some homeowners may choose to go with wainscoting. Vertical designs can also be incorporated in rooms with low ceilings to provide the appearance of height.

With a wide selection of styles to choose from, walnut wall panels can beautifully add warmth to any room. Ranging from the traditional to whimsical, you are certain to find one to suit your unique style.

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