What Are Marble Wall Panels + Design Tips

Written by Milan Jara on 14th Oct 2022

Marble Wall Panels

There are many factors to consider when using marble wall panels. We cover how it can enhance your interior, the benefits, and design tips.

The best thing about using marble anywhere in your home is that it is elegant and timeless. This reason alone makes it the most popular design choice of homeowners because of its refined appearance. Marble can look stunning in any design and is highly durable. We discuss how to incorporate marble wall panels and their design benefits.

When incorporating marble into any design, you must ensure you have the correct cut and quality. Otherwise, it may not look as great as you would like and could quickly deteriorate.

How Can Marble Enhance Your Interior?

Marble Walls

Natural stone paneling provides an elegant and distinguished appearance to a home. People equate it with being like hanging larger-than-life paintings to give a museum-like appearance. While searching for the best material type to suit your space, you will also want to consider the usage, marble selection, and installation to have the best look for your home.

Marble Myths

There are many misconceptions when it comes to incorporating marble into a design. This misinformation often results in homeowners failing to realize the potential of this material. Marble has far more applications than most people realize, and you can use it in different ways to generate an elegant appearance quickly.

Limited Use

One myth is that you can only use marble for floors or countertops. Marble can be used for multiple purposes, like on the walls or to make a visual statement in a room. One popular use is for kitchen backsplashes or tabletops. People also use it as an accent wall to quickly elevate a room’s appearance and give it a timeless look.

Hard to Maintain and Clean

Another myth is that marble is hard to clean and maintain. If you use a quality marble and the proper application, blotting a spill or stain using a soft cloth, water, and mild soap is sufficient to keep it clean.

Too Cold

Some people feel marble is too cold of a material. However, marble conducts heat very well as it easily adapts to its surroundings. While it may feel cool when touched, it is the same temperature as the room. It just may be slightly cooler when compared to body temperature.

Shouldn’t Be Used in a Bathroom

Marble is an asset in bathrooms. Used as an accent wall or feature wall or in subtle applications, it can add beauty to the space and create a relaxing atmosphere. Some people also feel marble is slippery if used for flooring. Using honed marble for this application is best. Using it in a bathroom means selecting the right type for the location as it can actually help prevent accidents.

If you are hesitant to use natural marble, you can incorporate faux marble tiles or panels that are easy to install and maintain.

Design Tips Using Marble Wall Panels

You can use different types of marble for various rooms. Each creates a different atmosphere based on selection. However, no matter what style you select, adding marble will quickly elevate the room's appearance and make it appear more elegant.

Bedroom Highlight

Bedroom Highlight

For a boutique hotel appearance, consider marble wall panels to highlight an area of the bedroom. The design should be minimal as too bold of a design can overwhelm the room. All you want with this design tip is to create a subtle, uplifting change.

Most homeowners place the panels in a cut-out area to add depth and have only one panel on the adjoining wall to create the illusion of depth and interest. Polished marble walls generate a soothing effect, transforming this area into a chic yet cozy space.

Living Room Accents

Living Room Accents

You can use marble to create an accent wall in a living room without needing to make a serious investment or significant change to the space. A marble wall panel as an accent can create depth and add personality to your living room.

Select one that matches or complements the overall color scheme. Various types of marble will provide a luxe finish. Grooves, flutes, and veins will allow you to enhance the beauty of the walls further.

Bathroom Boldness

Bathroom Boldness

Use marble wall panels to turn your bathroom into a relaxing, luxurious oasis. Add visual interest to an all-white bathroom by adding it to one wall as a feature and again in a shower or tub area to create visual appeal. If you already have marble countertops, find a wall panel that you can integrate seamlessly.

By adding bright colors, you can make this area look like a hotel and create a bright and spacious appearance.

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

You can add marble to a kitchen wall to provide a contrast between countertops and cabinetry or as a backsplash. It adds elegance to a modern look and can even be incorporated into clean, minimalistic designs.

How to Choose the Right Type for Your Design

Marble Designs

Marble adds class and is durable enough to last for many years. Marble wall panels can either completely revamp the look of a room or add a subtle upgrade. It all depends on how you use it and the intended purpose.

Finishes and Textures

When selecting the best type for your décor, you may want to look at various finishes and textures. Different finishes will enhance the space's natural beauty and provide a timeless feel. You can select from multiple styles like grooves, glutes, honed, and water jet finishes. Each creates a different feel.

Adding Wall Highlights

You can incorporate wall highlights with the design to add elegance without needing a major renovation or making significant changes. Find a piece that doesn’t look out of place with the existing décor but still elevates the space.

Bathroom Tips

Marble can quickly create a luxurious feel for any bathroom. However, it requires selecting the best shape and size. If you have ornate fixtures or designs, you may not want to go for a big, bold design. You will want to keep things simple so you don’t overwhelm the space.

By adding marble to the bathroom, you can incorporate something that is low maintenance yet luxurious, creating a unique space.

Final Words

When using marble wall panels, you will need to consider your room's overall style and décor. What statement do you want the marble to make? Should it stand out, or do you want it to be more subtle? You will also need to consider the application and location. All of these will factor into what type you choose and where you apply it to your space. There are plenty of marble-look options available, too, that are a little more affordable and easier to install than natural marble.

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