Top 4 Stunning and Unique Ways to Use Foam Crown Molding in 2019

Written by Milan Jara on 5th Feb 2019

Styrofoam Crown Molding – 6 in wide & 8 ft. Long – Plain – #110 DCT

You know it might be time to spruce up your home. You’ve seen the very parts of your house that are screaming for some help. But, knowing where to start and what you can do to create a splash might not be as easy.

One thing that homeowners don’t know much about is foam crown molding and all that it can do in one home. From creating decorative chair railing in a dining room, crown molding around a freshly painted ceiling, or unique focal points on any wall, foam crown molding is versatile and easy to install.



What Is Foam Crown Molding?

DIY Foam Crown Molding – 3.5″ Wide 95.5″ Long – #CC 351

If you’ve never heard of foam crown molding, you’re most likely not alone. Like polyurethane, Styrofoam material used to make mold bases has not been on the home interior decorating scene for too long, which means its incredible versatility is still relatively unknown.

Though there is a wide range of materials available, high quality Styrofoam is one of the best as it is used to create a lightweight, easy-to-install, and durable foam crown molding or similar moldlike cornice that will create elegance in any room of your home. The foam crown molding is lighter than traditional wood crown molding, which means you’ll need less heavy-duty base materials to keep the molding on the wall. Overtime, the foam crown molding will have less of a chance of being damaged by water (due to a leak in the water pipes or flood damage from a storm) and will not wear on your walls.



How Is Foam Crown Molding Installed?

Crown Molding Inside Corner Block

To keep it simple, foam crown molding is simple, easy, and highly-effective to install. Anyone can do the installation, which could save you hundreds of dollars in installation costs. Not to mention, foam crown molding is also less expensive in the material cost department, as well.

To install this material onto your wall, simple measure the desired length you need. You can cut the foam molding however you need to and it will not crack or split. After you know how much you need, cut the foam accordingly. Place the foam crown molding onto your wall with nails or construction glue, whichever one works for your overall needs.

You can paint the foam crown molding before you put it on the desired location to give you a more polished look, as well. There is typically a factory-applied primer already applied to the foam, which means you can go ahead and paint it the color you want right off the bat.

Installation is quick and easy due to the lightweight material and the lack of heavy-duty equipment needed to keep the crown molding in the desired spot.



Top 4 Stunning and Unique Ways to Use Foam Crown Molding

Crown Molding Inside Corner Block

When it comes to foam crown molding, some of the top trends in the interior design market for 2019 are shown below. These ideas will help you find something works for your unique needs and desires as well as keep your budget right where it needs to be!

Let’s get started looking at the four most stunning and unique ways to spruce up your home with foam crown molding this year.

1. Add a Focal Point on Your Wall

Add a Focal Point on Your Wall

Adding focal points on your wall gives you the flexibility to put the frames anywhere you want on your wall. The example we grabbed here has the focal points on the bottom of the wall underneath the chair railing, but they can go above and/or below the chair railing. One beautiful way to incorporate foam crown molding focal points on your wall is giving one wall in your living room varied sizes of frames with white foam crown molding on a colored wall.

The options are truly endless here. If you have a larger wall that you’re unsure of what to do with, add some foam crown molding frames and you’ll transform the space into an elegant space immediately.

2. Give Your Chair Rail a Pop

Give Your Chair Rail a Pop

Gone are the days of having a plain piece of crown molding cutting your dining or living room wall in half. Chair railings are getting more intricate and decorative—and yours can, too. Foam crown molding comes in a variety of styles. Some of those styles include decorative foam crown molding pieces that have design work already etched into the foam itself. This is sure to give any room in your home an unexpected pop of excitement and elegance all wrapped into one detail.

3. Light Up the Room

Light Up the Room

Media rooms, living rooms, or bedrooms would look high-tech and modern with foam crown molding that lights up. Without harsh lights blaring above you while you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing movie with your family, warmly light up the space with string lights tucked and hidden discreetly behind foam crown molding. This molding material can be easily manipulated to hold whatever you need it to hold without expanding or contracting due to hot or cold temperatures. This makes it a great candidate for holding string lights or LED bulbs placed strategically around the room. Be sure to check with your local electrician or hardware store to find the right type of lighting that won’t be dangerous inside your home.

3. Add Beams to Your Ceilings

Add Beams to Your Ceilings

Larger rooms can feel stark and uninviting due to the vastness that ceilings can create. One way to combat this and bring the feeling inward rather than to unreachable levels is to create faux beams on the ceiling. While so many of us love the look of real wooden beams, many of us cannot afford what those wooden beams would actually cost us. But there is a solution! Because foam crown molding can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can create the look and feel of beams without spending the exuberant amount of money of the real ones.

Paint your ceiling the same color as your wall and add white foam crown ceiling beams and you’ll create a talking piece of any dinner party (for all the right reasons).

4. Standard Cabinets Must Go

Standard Cabinets Must Go

Move-in ready homes typically come with stock kitchen cabinets that leave quite a bit to be desired. More importantly, the tops of the cabinets can look rather pre-cut and unappealing aesthetically (because they are). But, with foam crown molding, they don’t have to look that way for much longer. You can add more height, definition, and character to your cabinets with foam crown molding. Choose a plain design or one with decorative details and watch your cabinets transform.

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