Tin Ceiling Tiles with Pizzazz

Written by Milan Jara on 17th Sep 2011

How much do you really know about tin ceiling tiles? As someone with a fondness for all things old, I enjoy living in a home built over 80 years ago and all the related decorating touches that accompany its age. I write at a desk built by my father when he was in his early 20s and he’s in his mid-80s now. A trunk in my bedroom once contained all of my great-grandmother’s worldly goods as she crossed the Atlantic on her way to a new country during the 1800s. In my mind, when something is old — or at least appears that way — it has a sense of character that newer products often lack.

Classic Tin Ceiling Tiles for a Period Look

For that reason, classic tin ceiling tiles would always be my first choice when selecting decorative ceiling tiles for my home — regardless of what room they were being installed in. I would also opt for a nail up installation as that’s how the old tin ceiling tiles were applied — the nail heads adding to the period look. Color wouldn’t be an issue — for my old house only natural tin or copper tiles would do. However, as a long-time homebuilder I realize that not everyone has my tastes in architecture or interior decors. Actually it’s a good thing as I would have never had any new homes to build.

Classic Tin Ceiling Tile

Tin Ceiling Tiles with Modern Colors and Styling

If you like the appearance of tin ceiling tiles but don’t think they would blend with the styling of your contemporary home, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers tin ceiling tiles in enough designs and colors to complement the decors of homes of any age or architectural style. In most cases you can choose between a nail up installation — just like the old days — or go with the more modern drop in tiles with their DIY friendly grid system.

Cinnamon Tin Ceiling Tile

Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers tin ceiling tiles in enough colors that Crayola might be envious, but if you want your own unique shade, choose a tin plated steel tile that you can paint yourself. Colored tiles feature a low maintenance finish that should never need to be painted — a quick wipe-down can keep them looking new.

Regardless of whether you’re an enthusiast for all things old or consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of modern interior design, there are tin ceiling tiles that can enhance the rooms in your home.

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