Old Metal Headboard Ideas

Written by Milan Jara on 20th Jun 2022

Old Metal Headboard

Want to take your bedroom from boring to beautiful? Check out these old metal headboard ideas to quickly spruce up your space.

Are you looking for inspiration for creating your own metal headboard? You can use several styles, ranging from contemporary to whimsical to luxurious. Take your bedroom from boring to beautiful in no time with these simple designs. We show you some old metal headboard ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Old Metal Headboard Ideas

Today, you don’t have to go out and invest money in a new headboard. While it is convenient to use something pre-made, there is some satisfaction in designing one yourself. These DIY headboard ideas aren’t particularly difficult, and they can save you money while elevating the room.

Fun With Faux Leather

Size: 16" x 16"
Material: Faux leather
Color: Black smoked mirror

This leather DIY headboard looks spectacular in a contemporary or modern bedroom because of its clean lines. The benefit to the design is that the glass insert elevates the look while maintaining the cleanliness of the décor.

The pattern is a square black leather with a glass insert. The panels go side by side in three rows across the width of the bed. When finished, it can easily attach behind the bed for the perfect headboard.

Old Metal Headboard

Modern Dream

Size: 15 3/4" x 15 3/4"
Material: Faux Leather
Color: Black and white

This headboard uses the same tiles as mentioned above. Update an existing soft grey headboard by adding three sections of faux leather panels to elevate the look. To do this, separate the headboard into three sections. Leave a little space between each for the grey wood to shine through and act as a separator.

In one section, place three black panels across and three down in rows. It should form a square. In the next section, do the same thing except using the white tiles. Complete the look by adding black tiles to the section, and you have a new look for your master bedroom.

Wrought Iron Wonder

Size: 24" x 24"
Material: PVC
Color: Antique Mocha

This simple, whimsical, somewhat retro DIY headboard idea uses glued-in tiles. The wood frame is painted mint green and extends to the floor, and there is a green-painted centerpiece as well. The back of the headboard contains a Masonite board, which reinforces the panels so they don’t fall off.

Place the antique mocha tile to one side of the centerboard, then the next on the other side of your board. There should be a narrower strip of green wood between the upper tile and the bottom quadrant. After you finish the top, move on to the bottom two compartments.

After the tiles are glued into place, secure them using tape while allowing the glue to dry. Allow everything to set before installation.

Old Metal Headboard

Milan Marvel

Size: 24" x 24"
Material: PVC
Color: Anodized Copper

You make this DIY rustic headboard the same way you make the Fun with Faux Leather design. Choose three or four (depending on the size of the bed) tiles and place them across in three rows. Attach them to a board for added security and place it behind the bed to create an antique appearance in your room.

Renaissance Revival

Size: 24" x 24"
Material: Tin Plated Steel
Color: Steel

To add a medieval flair to your room, add decorative metal ceiling tiles to your bed. If you have a platform bed, you can further enhance the look by adding it to the bottom of the bed as a type of decorative skirt.

As a headboard, add three panels across in two rows. Secure it to a wooden board and fasten it to the wall for that perfect decorative finish. If you want to change the color, prime it first. Then, paint the tiles. For a finished look, use chalk paint and wax to create more of an antique flair. Adding a pearlescent glaze will provide a nice glow.

Instead of using a board to back the tiles, you can also use mounting brackets and place it behind the bed frame.

Lovely Larkspur

Size: 24" x 24"
Material: Tin Plated Steel
Color: Steel

Repurpose an old headboard by gluing two tin-plated steel panels side-by-side in the center. Get this look by placing them in the center of the headboard underneath some molding to provide a more antique appearance. It is easy to install and makes a beautiful bedroom décor.

Priceless Princess Victoria

Size: 24" x 24" and 24" x 48"
Material: Aluminum
Color: Mill Finish

Add some spark to your bedroom with this phenomenal headboard idea that makes a bold statement. Use reclaimed wood framing to save money and place rows of aluminum ceiling tiles across. This design has eight tiles across and at least six rows down. Instead of taking the tiling straight down, add wood going across the bottom to create depth and make the look pop.

Old Metal Headboard

Looking Sharp with Shanko

Size: 24" x 24" or 24" x 48"
Material: Tin Plated Steel
Color: White

If you love a more distressed look or appreciate country charm, this rustic headboard design will look spectacular in your bedroom. Two spindles frame this headboard with molding as the top piece. Place two tiles in the center in a single row and a wooden cross piece to go behind the bed.

With this DIY headboard project, you can leave it as is or lightly sand it for a more distressed look.


These are just a few inexpensive designs that you can incorporate into any décor using various types of tiles to update your existing headboard. It isn’t difficult to do and takes minimal time to complete. Each DIY headboard idea featured offers a great way to update the look of any master bedroom. You can also easily modify these projects for a twin headboard and update kids' rooms as well.

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