Office Ceiling Tile Ideas and How to Improve a Work Environment

Written by Milan Jara on 1st Oct 2019

Laurel Wreath – FAD Hand Painted Ceiling Tile – #CTF-004

Ceiling panels work well in office environments but figuring out how to use them can be a challenge. Office ceiling tile ideas are as varied as the businesses they are in. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what’s going to work for your office building and provide the biggest bang for your renovation dollar.

One of the best ways to narrow down your choices when it comes to office ceiling tile ideas is to think about the challenges you face in your office space and use your ceiling tile options to combat those issues. A few of the most common issues in modern office spaces include:



Disruptive Noise in Open Office Spaces

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One of the most popular office ceiling tile ideas is intended to combat the unwanted noise that occurs in open office environments. A common complaint among office employees is the disruption and destruction of unwanted noise. It reduces efficiency and promotes stress. In most cases, it’s related to speaking, but it can also be linked to typing, phones, and generic office noise. If you happen to be unlucky enough to work in an office with a “loud talker” your days are likely filled with distraction and frustration.

There’s also an issue with privacy. Not only can you hear other people in the office, but they can also hear you. At least two-thirds of office workers report feeling as though privacy is a problem in their offices.

What can be done about how noise carries in an office?

Choose office ceiling tiles that offer acoustic benefits, too. If your office space is open and collaborative, you need a tile that absorbs sound that would normally bounce off the ceiling and travel and unwanted distance. Office ceiling tiles offer sound absorption and sound blocking which makes it easier for everyone to work comfortably, whether they are trying to be heard or trying to block out unwanted noise.



Keeping Meetings Private

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One of the most popular places to implement the latest office ceiling tile ideas is in the conference room. Even in the most open and collaborative work environment, some things need to remain private, at least temporarily. Sound absorbing office ceiling tiles in a conference room make sure this happens. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep one-on-one conversations private or you’re engaged in meetings that are highly confidential, tiles that offer sound muffling acoustic advantages can help you achieve your goals.



Reducing Noise in the Breakroom

Breakrooms and cafeterias are one of the noisiest environments in an office space. If you have a lively break room that’s good news – it means your employees have built comradery and enjoy spending time together socializing. But this can also be disruptive for those who aren’t on breaks.

In bigger companies with larger breakroom spaces or cafeteria, you should also control noise because so many people will be talking and making noise when the room is full. These spaces need to be functional and comfortable and inviting. There are plenty of ways to do this and implementing the latest in office ceiling tile ideas is one of the best ways. Aim to create a relaxing space where employees can take a break and speak openly without concerns about making too much noise or being overheard by everyone in the space.



Creating a Welcoming Area to Greet Clients and More

Chestnut Grove – Styrofoam Ceiling Tile – 20x20 – #R31 - Plain White

One of the most important spaces in your office is the lobby or welcome area. It needs to be warm and inviting, and as important as furnishings, paint colors, and other décor are in the space, your ceiling will play a major role in how people feel when they walk into the space.

The main lobby should set the tone for the feeling of the entire office. People who enter the space should know where they are and what to expect once they are in the space. Research shows impressions begin as soon as a client or customer walks into your building and they reported feeling as though a company offered better service when waiting areas and lobbies were well-lit, welcoming, and warm.

Ceiling tiles can add to the ambiance of a space and make it seem more inviting. They offer noise reduction, so if reception is a bustling place with a lot of phone ringing it will muffle some of that sound. Tiles can also make space feel softer and warmer.



Designing the Perfect Office Space

Finally, you need to think about the individual offices of your company. These are the spaces that offer more privacy, have closed-off areas and doors, and allow for privacy and focus. But they also still need to be warm and inviting.



Making a Conference Room Even More Functional

We’ve tackled some of the most common issues in offices, but for a lot of workplaces, it’s necessary to give even more attention to the conference room. Conference spaces tend to be echo-y and cold. They do not function well for their primary purpose and they become spaces nobody wants to spend time in. This makes it tough to conduct productive meetings and get things accomplished.

Incorporating a few modern office ceiling tile ideas can improve the situation, but there are even more things you can do to improve a space. Your goal should be to bring together a place where employees can meet in large and small groups alike that is clean, sophisticated, and appealing. Your first mission is to cut down on the echo that tends to occur in these larger spaces.

Why are conference rooms so echo-filled?

Sound bounces off the largest hard surfaces in a space, which in this case is the walls, ceilings, and floor. That noise indoors is known as a flutter echo and it happens because there are multiple hard surfaces in a space without any chance for the noise to be absorbed. To reduce the echo in a conference room you need to cut down on the hard surfaces and create a space that’s capable of absorbing the sound.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Office ceiling tiles are great for reducing the echo problems from above. These tiles can add style and warmth to a space, too.
  • Wall tiles or panels are other great options for cutting down on the echo. They work in the same way as ceiling tiles do and can also bring some interesting design elements into the space.
  • Softer, more absorbent flooring is the third tool you have for reducing an echo in a conference space. You can wall-to-wall carpet the area, but many business owners find this to be frustrating because the carpet needs to be changed so frequently. Your better option is to add an area rug or two into the space. This enables you to have a lot more options design-wise and it is easier to swap out when it gets worn down.



Do Office Ceiling Tile Ideas Work in These Spaces?

You bet! Tiles can provide noise muffling so private conversations aren’t heard outside of the room. They also allow the person working in the office to shut the door and have a peaceful, quiet space in which to focus on their work. Private offices need to be just that – private – and ceiling tiles make that easier.

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