Let Coat of Arms Decorative Ceiling Tiles Play a Role in Your Decorating Plans

Written by Milan Jara on 25th Jan 2012

In medieval times, soldiers proudly carried their family’s coat of arms into battle, displayed on a banner for all to see. If you are as proud of your family’s heritage as these intrepid fighters, you’ll be proud to install Coat of Arms decorative ceiling tiles.

Family History

Any person who has ever researched the history of a family surname will enjoy these handsome tiles. Professional as well as amateur genealogists can proudly display these wonderful symbols of their profession or hobby.

A Design for All Ages

The unusual design of these Coat of Arms ceiling tiles makes them especially appealing. Divided in thirds, they sport squares in each corner enclosing feathery plumes that would look right at home atop the helmet of a knight in shining armor.

Coat of Arms Ceiling Tiles

The large center square is decorated with lattice work, not unlike a design you might find embedded in the window of an inn or tavern or woven into in the sparkling silvery overlay of a medieval maiden’s dress. They even come in authentic-looking colors (or colors!) such as pewter that would impress any medieval lord or lady.

Year of the Dungeons and Dragons

There are millions of people around the world who enjoy playing medieval-themed role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. If you’re one of them, imagine impressing everyone in your group, from knights to clerics to the Dungeon master, with these stylish tiles at your next gathering.

The Play’s the Thing

Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth—any presentation of these or any other Shakespearean plays would look amazing with these tiles as part of the set decorations.

Just imagine the inn frequented by the bawdy Falstaff or the Merry Wives of Windsor decorated with these authentic-looking tiles!

The Inn Crowd

For that matter, just imagine a real inn or pub decorated with these great custom tiles. Sturdy oaken tables and benches are filled with patrons taking a break from a hectic day of fox-hunting…or maybe shopping. A warm fire roars in the huge fireplace. Giant pewter tankards overflow with frothy pints of ale along side huge wooden bowls full of hearty stew, and platters of cold meats, cheeses, and crusty bread.

Ye Olde Inn

Patrons dig into pots of spicy brown mustard and creamy butter and slather it over their hearty sandwiches. And up on the ceiling, illuminated by large hanging light fixtures shaped like wagon wheels, these Coat of Arms ceiling tiles glint merrily from between large rough-hewn beams, making all who stop by feeling cheerful, rested, and welcome.

So from genealogists to role-players, set decorators, and even pub and innkeepers, you’re bound to have someone in your family who will love these Coat of Arms custom decorative tin ceiling tiles.

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